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10 Ways to Make Enhance Employee Productivity This Winter

Winter is a difficult time for many people. The cold weather and short, dark days can increase stress and negatively impact mood. But there are also some easy things business owners can do to boost employee productivity during the winter months.

Here are ten ways you could make this winter much brighter!

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1. Ensure Office Heating System is in Good Condition

Cold temperature makes muscles tense up, and the heat from a heating system can make a huge difference. If you have a poorly working heat pump installation, it’s time to call a qualified HVAC technician to repair or replace it.

You can also provide heaters for individual workstations. But heaters pose a fire safety risk, so it’s crucial to keep heaters at least three feet away from anything flammable.

2. Increase Employee Health Benefits

Offering more benefits is an easy way to help your employees feel better mentally and physically, which will lead to increased productivity.

Offer more vacation time or let them be sick more often without fear of job security or losing compensation.

Many businesses have employees that work hard throughout the year with little or no vacation time at all — now’s the time to give it back.

3. Offer a Fitness Incentive

Many businesses have begun to offer fitness incentives in the form of reduced health insurance premiums or even merchandise incentives.

Why not try offering a gym membership discount if they meet their weight loss goals this year? Or how about giving out free group exercise classes?

Offer your employees an incentive that will appeal to them and get companies working together for the good of all. This creates company unity and productivity at the same time.

4. Curate Company Newsletters with Winter Weather Information

Businesses often send general newsletters that aren’t relevant to anyone individual employee. Why not create an interactive newsletter with winter weather information?

Perhaps tell them what’s coming up in terms of severe weather and how it will impact their commute. Or tell them what to look for in terms of cold stress symptoms, then list off the available resources (such as hot beverages or blankets).

This creates a sense of community between you and your employees, improving productivity.

5. Socialize with Team Members Using Virtual Tools

People work together throughout the year, but during the winter months socializing is limited. Why not organize some team-building activities using virtual tools?

Create a game of “who can find the most snowmen without leaving their desk chair” or set up an office scavenger hunt with digital clues across networks.

This will encourage company togetherness while also holding people accountable for tracking down various items within different departments.

6. Provide Employees with Hot Beverages and Snacks

Having a hot beverage or snack available at all times for no cost can be very encouraging to employees who are working hard.

Providing this resource will also encourage people to get up from their desks and move around, creating a healthier work environment overall while increasing productivity for winter.

7. Encourage Daily Breaks Outside in Natural Light

Encouraging your employees to step outside daily — even if it’s just for 10 minutes — can help bring back natural light and reduce symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

This kind of regular exposure is an easy way to increase positive energy levels throughout the day and improve productivity while reducing errors that slip through the cracks due to mental fatigue.

8. Host Team Building Retreats

Another excellent tool for improving team unity is hosting team-building retreats throughout the winter months.

These events are an opportunity to get everyone together in a fun environment, enjoying themselves while learning more about individual teammates outside of work.

They are also an easy way to break up the monotony we often experience during this season and boost productivity all at once!

9. Encourage Employees to Indulge in Winter Activities

Encouraging your employees to indulge in their favorite winter activities can help them feel refreshed and productive again, especially since you will be encouraging outdoor recreation (weather permitting).

Whether they like skiing or snowboarding or ice fishing or sledding, make sure they have an outlet for their passions.

This is a great way to improve morale while also encouraging better health, leading to increased productivity during the winter months.

10. Offer Flexible Work Schedules

Offering flexible work schedules is one of the best ways to encourage productivity throughout the year, but it’s essential in winter when people are already feeling less energetic due to shorter days and lower temperatures.

Let your employees work from home, let them come in earlier or later than usual, whatever it takes!

Any type of change is sure to improve productivity by creating a better work-life balance that will result in higher energy levels overall.

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