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Five Tricks To Enjoy A Clean And Healthy Home

While the idea of rolling up your sleeves, flexing your muscles, and sweating it out to give your home a thorough cleaning can be quite daunting, it’s something you can really escape. Not unless you want your house to look like a total mess and put everyone’s health and safety at risk.

The silver lining about the potentially energy-draining home cleanups (something you’ll have to do periodically) is that there are real-life benefits to them. Among the proven benefits of house cleaning include reduction of germ spreading, lowering of stress level at home, getting rid of irritants that cause breathing problems, and keeping oneself physically active and healthy. With these perks of cleaning your house, they should be enough incentive and motivation for you to exert extra efforts in doing it.

Meanwhile, here are five tricks on how you can keep your home clean and healthy for your family’s sake:

1. Vacuum regularly and keep it in excellent condition

If you have carpeted floors all over your home, it’s important to regularly vacuum the carpets to keep them in great shape and avoid turning them into dustbins. Dust and other allergens naturally settle within the nooks and crannies of carpets, which makes them look disgusting when the dust becomes too saturated. Not only do they look horrible, but they could also lead to asthma and other issues with one’s lungs.

Of course, it’s also critical to keep your vacuum in perfect condition. If you own a branded vacuum unit, say a Dyson, you should have it checked or fixed by a certified technician. This shouldn’t be a problem since there are a lot of skilled and licensed technicians specializing in Dyson repair and repair of other vacuum brands such as Shark, Miele, and Roomba.

2. Keep the kitchen area clean after preparing meals and snacks

Your kitchen is easily among the busiest parts of your home and therefore, one of the messiest. Knowing this, you must allocate time to clean up your kitchen whenever needed. There isn’t a fixed schedule for a kitchen cleanup since it depends on how much you use it to prepare meals and how often you clean up after cooking. This should be a relatively easy affair since there are disinfectants that you can simply buy from your local household supplies store.

With a sponge and towel, you can give your kitchen surfaces a once-over and make it squeaky-clean and hygienic in a few minutes. With regular kitchen cleaning, you can prevent the spread of diseases such as salmonella and E. coli from spreading and putting your family’s health in jeopardy.

3. Mind your ventilation system

You should do frequent air filter cleaning and ductwork maintenance, especially if your home is naturally attracting pollens, dust, and other microscopic contaminants. It can be a DIY affair if you have the appropriate cleaning equipment and if you know how things are done. But if you want to spare yourself from the muscle work needed to do the job properly, then the most logical step is to call a professional. There are HVAC service providers that employ licensed and experienced personnel with the required knowledge of ventilation system cleaning. They can give your air filters and ductwork a thorough clean, so you can keep airborne diseases at bay.

4. Do periodic disinfection


In this time of COVID-19 pandemic, keeping your home germ-free from the inside-out is a must. With this, you should do periodic disinfection of high-traffic areas such as toilet and bath, kitchen, and bedrooms. If possible, you should likewise disinfect your gate, garage, and anywhere there are touchpoints — areas that people frequently touch and where disease transmission is most likely to happen.

5. Check for mold growth

Mold growth is something that you should not take lightly under any circumstances. This is due to the simple fact that many strains of mold are proven to be harmful to health, both putting humans and their furry friends at great risk of getting ill. When you find mold growing anywhere inside or outside your home, be sure to quickly contact the nearest mold remediation experts. They know exactly what to do in such a situation, so you can immediately take care of the problem. You may also need to hire a local plumber since growth mold is an indication of a possible leak somewhere in your home’s plumbing system.

Just perform these five steps to ensure a disease-free and healthy household. They won’t cost you too much, but they offer a whole world of difference between being healthy and getting sick.

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