How Much Should You Pay for the Repair of Your AC?

The price of AC repair in Modesto can range from $122 to $957 depending on the type of the air-conditioning unit. Homeowners with centralized systems will always spend more on repairs than those who own window-type units.

If you have a broken window unit, it might be better to replace it if the cost of repairs will exceed 50% of the price for a new unit and installation. You should still hire an HVAC professional to inspect the system before making a decision. Rates in August can be more expensive as more people turn on their ACs due to the summer heat.

When to Repair or Replace a Unit

You can determine whether or not repairs are a better choice by knowing how long you have used the AC. It is more economical to repair broken window units that are less than 10 years old, as long as it costs less than 50% of the price for a new system. Try to look for quotes from at least three different contractors in Modesto to compare prices, even if most professionals in Stanislaus County charge uniform rates.

Avoid hiring general contractors to do the work unless you are okay with paying extra fees ranging from $65 to $80. Some independent contractors may not include the cost of acquiring a permit when necessary, while others may also charge customers as soon as they hire them for an inspection.

Maintenance and Disposal

You should ideally schedule AC maintenance at least twice every year. Do this before the start of summer to make sure the unit still works properly, while the second one can be done by fall. Routine inspections can extend the system’s lifespan, hence not requiring you to spend on repairs or replacements.

If you decide to replace the unit, then you should think about how to dispose of it before buying a new unit. Look for recycling projects in Modesto or Stanislaus County where you can turn in your old AC for some cash. These initiatives often involve a “bounty” paid to each person who brings their old unit.

Incentives for Replacements

Airconditioning technician checking the unit

There are financial incentives as well for those who buy a new AC. For instance, Energy Upgrade California offers rebates from $50 to $125 when you install a smart thermostat. While you are at it, you should consider replacing a washer with an energy-efficient one to earn up to $50 in rebates.

You can determine if a purchase qualifies for a rebate just by browsing online stores. If you would rather buy a new unit for a cheaper price, ask an in-store retailer if they can accept your old unit in exchange for a system with a discounted price.

The actual cost of AC repair in Modesto will depend on where you live in the city, the type of problem, and the contractor’s rate. While you can spend below $100 for this service, be wary of contractors who quote unusually cheap rates. Hire a licensed and insured HVAC contractor for your protection and peace of mind.

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