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How to Have a Quiet Retreat from the Big City

Living in a big city has several perks. Most longtime urban dwellers take for granted their access to a wide range of amenities, from massive shopping malls and 24/7 convenience stores at every corner to efficient public transportation and Internet access. City living also imparts a bit of status; there is a sense that if you make it in the big city, you’ve got to have some unique talent or ability.

Yet sometimes we look for a change of pace and scenery. Or the cost of living in the city becomes too steep, not only in terms of housing prices but also the busy hours spent in traffic. Many people ultimately decide that they can do without much of the hassle of urban living and instead pay a visit now and then to enjoy city amenities.

If you feel like relocating to a more relaxed and affordable place, here are some reasons why a place like Donnybrook might be the perfect fit for you:


The past decade has witnessed a rise in housing stress and urbanization across the country. With more people moving to big cities, the demand for urban housing has spiked. These national trends are mirrored in Queensland, where many people are moving to Brisbane and driving up prices in the housing market.

Rural Queensland, however, has mostly seen stable housing prices over the last few years. Places like Donnybrook remain among the most affordable locations for real estate in the region. When considering the percentage of household income that goes to housing and related expenses, this price difference can be especially significant to the younger generation of professionals who are still establishing their financial stability.

Country living

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Moving out of the big city and into rural areas will give you more peace day-to-day. The air is clean, and you’re never far from acres of greenery. Merely eliminating the stress and bustle of city living can provide an immediate boost to your health or well-being.

Even the most deeply rooted city dwellers take time to go out and experience the outdoors. But the drawback of most well-known attractions is the volume of tourists and other sightseers. Out in the country, you can enjoy a relaxed stroll along the esplanade or Alice Street Park, head off to nearby Little Goat Island or Bullock Creek Park, and never encounter a tourist while you enjoy a moment with nature.

Family feel

The relaxed lifestyle, small population, and open spaces of Donnybrook are an excellent fit for young families raising kids. You’ll find great local spots for picnics, exercise, and activities such as biking or fishing. The locals are friendly, and there’s a strong sense of community and safety in the area. While it’s true that there’s not much to do at night, a short trip to nearby Caboolture can easily scratch the itch for something different now and then.

Overall, Donnybrook is close enough to the city when you need the amenities but sufficiently distant to retain its country feel and relaxed lifestyle. Still, as more people begin to look for alternatives to life in the city, developers tend to take notice. This might be the best chance to secure a spot and settle down in one of the region’s most quiet and family-friendly villages.

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