Time for an Upgrade: How to Improve the Home Kitchen

  • Replacing outdated appliances with energy-efficient models should be prioritized when upgrading the home kitchen to improve efficiency and add value to the home.
  • Investing in durable, high-performance appliances backed by extensive parts support can provide peace of mind if something goes wrong.
  • Upgrading to more modern and efficient storage solutions, such as pull-out drawers and adjustable shelves, can maximize available space.
  • Repainting the area and adding a new tile backsplash can refresh a kitchen’s look without breaking the bank while protecting surfaces from wear and tear.

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, a place for family and friends to gather, enjoy meals, and make memories. It’s no wonder that many people consider upgrading their kitchen, as they want to create an inviting yet functional space that can be used to host parties or entertain visitors.

Not only does a well-maintained kitchen ensure that everything runs smoothly during meal preparation, but it also adds value to the home. According to a survey from the National Kitchen & Bath Association, remodeling a kitchen has an average return on investment of 79%, making it one of the best investments you can make for your home. Furthermore, a study by Houzz revealed that 57% of homeowners feel happier after renovating their kitchens.

It might be time to upgrade the kitchen, but you might not know what to do about it. Here are a few areas to prioritize when looking to improve the home kitchen:

Replacing Outdated Appliances

Upgrading outdated appliances

Having up-to-date kitchen appliances and equipment can drastically improve a cooking space’s overall look and feel, making meal preparation easier. Therefore, replacing old, outdated appliances with newer, energy-efficient models should be one of the top priorities when upgrading the kitchen. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting new kitchen appliances and equipment:

Energy Efficiency

When shopping for new kitchen appliances and equipment, it’s essential to prioritize energy efficiency. Ensuring all devices have an Energy Star certification is a great way to ensure you purchase products that will help reduce overall energy consumption in the home and save on utility costs over time.

Size & Space Requirements

It’s essential to consider the size and space requirements when choosing new kitchen appliances. For instance, compact models may be beneficial if you are limited in countertop space or don’t have enough room for large appliances such as refrigerators or ovens. Additionally, measuring dimensions in advance can help ensure your new device fits in its designated area and functions appropriately.

Performance & Durability

When selecting new kitchen appliances or equipment, look for items that can handle heavy use daily without sacrificing performance or durability. To understand how well a device works before investing in it, read reviews from previous customers who have experience using the product firsthand. Doing so can provide valuable insight into the quality and reliability of the item being considered for purchase.

Maintenance and Repairs

When choosing new kitchen appliances and equipment, it’s essential to consider the cost of ongoing maintenance and repairs. If something goes wrong, investing in products with extended warranties or backed by a reliable service network can provide peace of mind. Viking kitchen equipment is often the top choice for many homeowners due to its impressive performance, long-lasting durability, and extensive parts support. Viking kitchen range parts are often easily accessible and reasonably priced, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen.

Upgrading Storage Solutions

Upgrading kitchen storage solutions is an ideal upgrade for any home kitchen. Kitchen storage is vital in a well-designed and functional kitchen, providing essential organization and accessibility when needed. Upgrading to more modern and efficient kitchen storage solutions can maximize available space while improving the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal and usability.

Adding pull-out drawers is one of the most popular upgrades for improving kitchen storage. Pull-out drawers can be installed inside existing cabinets to make items easier to access while providing additional space for storing items that often get lost or forgotten at the back of the cupboard. They also provide complete visibility to all contents, making it easy to find what you need when preparing meals quickly.

Another great way of improving kitchen storage is by incorporating adjustable shelving and cabinets into wall units or pantries. This design allows homeowners to customize their shelving according to their needs, making it easier to store more oversized items or a variety of food items in a single cabinet or shelf. Shelves with adjustable heights also allow homeowners to modify their setup as needed without purchasing new furniture each time they want something rearranged.

Repainting the Area

Transforming the kitchen space without breaking the bank is possible with a simple coat of paint. A fresh coat of paint can help revive any kitchen area, quickly giving it a brand-new look. Paint also helps protect surfaces from everyday wear and tear and potential damage from steam or heat produced by appliances. When selecting colors for the kitchen, opt for light shades such as pastel blue, deep yellow, and taupe that complement existing furniture and provide a calming atmosphere.

The area might also benefit from a new backsplash. Tiling the walls around the countertop and sink helps to prevent moisture buildup while adding color and texture to the space. When selecting tiles for a kitchen backsplash, look for materials that are easy to clean and maintain, such as ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading the home kitchen can be daunting, but it does not have to be overwhelming. Following these tips will create a beautiful and functional space that reflects your style and adds value to your home. With careful consideration of appliance selection, storage solutions, painting ideas, and backsplash installation, you will soon have an upgraded kitchen that looks great and functions flawlessly for years to come!

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