How to Make Your Commercial Establishment Greener

With pollution and global warming worsening over the years, more environmental advocates are putting pressure on commercial establishments to practice greener operations. That’s because maintaining the integrity of the environment is everyone’s responsibility, and since some businesses tend to be practicing more ‘polluting’ operations, they do more harm than good.

It’s best to transform your business into a greener one to help change the world for the better, allowing you to practice environmentally-friendly operations while improving your reputation and sales.

Here’s a list of practices that you can implement to your business and make it greener.

Take Advantage of the Sun

If you’re running an automotive repair shop, it can be challenging to make your operations greener, but it’s not impossible. One of the best ways to transform your shop into a greener one is by installing solar panels from a dependable commercial solar panel provider.

Auto repair shops can bask in unlimited energy with the help of these panels. It allows these shops to use solar energy to light up their shops or run heaters during the colder months while reducing their energy bills and avoid releasing toxins into the air, common with regular electricity.

Recycle Water

For businesses that handle harmful wastewater such as automotive shops, instead of allowing the toxic liquids to flow through to the shop’s storm drains, it’s best to recycle them. One way to recycle heavily contaminated water is through a gray water recycling system that treats even the most contaminated wastewater, allowing commercial establishments to reuse the water for several applications, but this method can be expensive.

If you’re looking for a more affordable solution, you can try practicing the aerobic treatment method that allows industries to convert large quantities of lightly contaminated wastewater at minimal costs.

Start Planting

A simple way to transform your business into a greener one is by planting trees and shrubs as these can filter pollution while making your business appear more elegant. It’s a relatively cost-effective solution, and maintaining these won’t be too much effort than occasional watering them during dry weather. These plants produce oxygen, which can help improve the air quality around your commercial establishment that’s essential for you, your employees, and customers.

Work with Sustainable Suppliers

Practicing green procurement is a great way to transform your business’s carbon footprint for the better, making your company greener and helping you foster collaboration with local suppliers that follow sustainable practices. Doing business with locals helps you source quality services and goods produced sustainably, meaning they’re recycled, non-toxic, and made from renewable items.

Besides working with local businesses, consider establishing your business’s very own procurement policies that commit to some of your goals as a company, including reducing waste, conserving energy, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Greener Supplies

landscaped yard

These supplies vary from different industries, but the idea is the same, and that’s replacing standard products or equipment with greener ones. Although these may seem pricey, the benefits it provides outweighs the price. The benefits of green products include improved health, a healthier world, and a small price to pay.

Remember that you can’t achieve sustainable development by yourself or your business alone. Everyone needs to participate. You can encourage others by transforming your business into a greener and sustainable enterprise, allowing you to demonstrate your commitment to changing the world into a safer and healthier place.

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