How You Can Effectively Improve Employee Productivity

Productivity is vital for a business to thrive in any industry. This is particularly true in our current situation, where small firms bore the brunt of the pandemic. This highlights the importance of employee productivity to ensure the business can weather the storm.

Here are some ways a business can improve the productivity of its employees.

Improve Working Conditions

The best place to start is the workplace. If the business has employees working on site, it should show that it prioritizes the safety of its employees. This means the company should implement the necessary measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The business should implement social distancing and require its employees to wear masks. Additionally, the company can also conduct periodic testing for its employees to check if anyone has the virus. It can also advise employees who feel sick to stay home without imposing penalties for their absence.

Additionally, the business can also provide facilities that relieve the anxiety and stress of the situation among the employees. If the company has the budget, it can build facilities that allow employees to relax at the end of a workweek. It can set up a gym or any other sports facility. The company can even hire swimming pool builders to construct a pool on the premises.

Offer Flexible Schedules

The business can also offer flexible schedules for its employees if it’s possible. While following a 9-to-5 schedule is necessary for some jobs, the company may allow some employees to come in at a later schedule if the job permits it.

The flexible schedule is beneficial for employees whose biological prime time is different from others. The business can take advantage of this and make their work schedule flexible. They can allow the employees to work in smaller time blocks rather than working continuously for eight hours each day. But the smaller time blocks should still sum up to eight hours a day.

For instance, they can come in at 7:00 AM and work until 11:00 AM. They can take a break and come back at 1:00 PM and work until 5:00 PM. The two-hour break may be enough for the employee to recharge and have enough energy to become productive even during the so-called afternoon slump at work.

Improve Meetings

A good number of employees say they spend over ten hours each week attending meetings that are not productive for them. Some of them even consider the meetings as distractions that affect their work.

Reducing the number of meetings reduces unproductive work hours for the employees. Sending an email can work, especially if the meeting mainly provides employees with updates or new information about their work and doesn’t require any discussion.

The business should only hold meetings when it is necessary. Additionally, if the meeting doesn’t require the presence of all employees, attendance should be limited to employees who need to attend it. The sessions should also last a maximum of 20 minutes.

Avoid Micromanaging

boss and employees

Business owners can also avoid micromanaging and allow their employees to do their work. This is particularly true if they delegate some tasks to them. Delegating these tasks means the business owner trusts the capability of the employees. So, they should allow them to do their job without always looking over their shoulders. Micromanaging employees can demoralize them, which can affect their productivity.

Instead of continually supervising the employees, business owners should manage the requirements and expectations. They should provide specific guidelines to the employees if they look for a particular outcome in particular tasks. Business owners should also tell their employees what they are expected to do. This allows the employees to focus on that goal and work to ensure they reach it.

With this, business owners can leave their employees alone so that they can concentrate on the work they have to do. The employees will also feel the independence they need to work efficiently, enhancing their productivity at work.

Improve Communication

Teamwork requires collaboration among the members of the team. When the team members collaborate, it will result in better efficiency and productivity at work. And the best way to encourage collaboration is through good communication.

To ensure the employees work together, the business owner should encourage them to communicate with each other. Business owners can do this by hosting informal get-togethers or have a party at the office. These activities can promote camaraderie among the employees and encourage them to communicate with each other.

Improving productivity is essential to allow a business to thrive even in the middle of a health crisis. So, business owners need to encourage productivity among their employees through positive motivation.

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