Increase Your Store’s Foot Traffic With a Well-Designed Shopfront

So, you were thinking of finally venturing into business and started looking for clothing store franchise or franchising opportunities. When you’ve chosen that right now, you’ve spent the same amount of time trying to figure out how to make your shop’s website look as enticing as possible.

But, here’s a question: how much time did you actually spend planning what your shopfront display in your brick-and-mortar store should look like? While online shopping may have made a tremendous leap in popularity in recent years, a study from the United States Census Bureau revealed that in 2013, less than 6% were actually online purchases.

When it comes to shopping, brick-and-mortar locations are still the more preferred choice by the majority of buyers. That’s why, while it’s essential to focus on the web design of your business, your storefront display should still be a priority.

Make a great first impression by making an equally great-looking storefront. Encourage passersby to give your shop a try and enter your premises. Sometimes you only have a few seconds to get their attention, so make every one of them count.

Put some creativity into your storefront window display with these ideas.

Do some window shopping yourself

Instead of just lining up all of your latest and best-selling products in your front window, make a plan about how you’ll engage your potential customers. Do this by arranging all your products in such a way that tells a story about your business.

The right way to relate to people is through stories, and when you’re able to set a scene, they can imagine how your offering can be useful in their everyday lives. Observe how huge department stores do their own window display.

See how their visual merchandising team were able to create an exciting combination of products that tell a story. Browsing through their products won’t just be for checking out what would look best for your store. It’ll also be a chance to experience what exactly they have to offer.

Eye level means buy level

When it comes to displaying merchandise, one of the most effective principles used by experts is that everything you want sold should be placed at eye level. So, look from the outside of your shop and see how you can direct people’s line of sight towards all your display showcasing your best and latest products at eye level.

To make things look more interesting, use different layers and textures. You can do so by putting all the smaller items in the foreground and the bigger ones at the back to create some balance.

Good lighting is everything

Woman checking on an item in the store

Just like in many other areas of design, such as photography, strategic lighting can never be ignored. When done right, proper lighting can do wonders to your overall shopfront display. To make your products look their best and the most enticing, some overhead lighting or spotlights may be necessary.

Sometimes, some shopfronts are still visible even after business hours. So, consider lighting up your display even at night so you’ll still be able to attract the attention of customers you may have missed during the day.

Enjoy creating a little window and let people get a look at your world.

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