Making Your Car Last Longer: All-Year Maintenance Pointers

Nowadays, cars are not just a luxury that only rich people could afford. Anyone and every household today owns at least one vehicle. Furthermore, for many people, cars have even become extensions of their homes, even going to the extent of ditching traditional houses for mobile ones. And just as one takes care of one’s house, so too should you put some effort into maintaining your car.

Why You Need to Maintain Your Car


More often than not, it is the little things we do that count. Small matters like checking your car’s battery, fluid level, brakes, and tires can make a huge difference in prolonging your vehicle’s lifespan. In fact, with proper maintenance, your old car can outlive even new models.

Enhance Performance

It is expected for your vehicle’s components to deteriorate if they are not maintained or replaced regularly. It could be that the car’s accelerator is not as fast as it was new or that you have difficulty starting it. But you can avoid these issues if you give some time to take care of your car.

Avoid Roadside Emergencies

It can be a real pain in the neck when your car would break down in the middle of the road due to overheating, and you are stuck somewhere where there is no network signal. You are left with no choice but to abandon your vehicle temporarily to ask for help, and it is not an easy task to do.

Maintenance Tips Your Vehicle Need

Tires & Wheels Maintenance

An imbalance on your car’s tires and wheels, even when it is just a minute, could make your car overturn when you are running at high speed. Also, under-inflated tires could affect your gas mileage. To avoid this from happening, regularly check your tire pressures.

Furthermore, since it is already winter, do not forget to check your tire tread. The depth should be at least 6/32 for it to have sufficient traction so that you can safely drive on the road in any harsh winter condition. Do this check by simply using a penny. If Lincoln’s head is completely covered, you’re still good to go.

Engine Maintenance

The engine is fundamentally the most crucial component of a car. Without proper maintenance, not only will your vehicle fail to function in its optimum capacity, but you are facing several costly engine problems. The money you will spend on repair could even be more than the amount you paid for buying the car.

For you to ensure your car’s engine is in mint condition, consider doing the following things:

  1. Regular oil check;
  2. Regular tune-up check;
  3. Timing belt check;
  4. Regular air filter replacement; and
  5. Regular spark plugs and wire replacement.


Brake Maintenance

Car brake maintenance is often overlooked by several people. However, we should understand that a well-maintained brake system could make a huge difference between life and death. A second delay could lead to road accidents, especially during the winter season.


These are some of the items you could do to ensure your car’s brakes are in top condition:

  1. Check the brake pads and rotors, particularly when you have noticed a burning smell every time you hit the brakes;
  2. Flush out brake fluid regularly if it had become a cloudy mixture;
  3. Bleed your brakes after two or three years from the purchase of the car; and
  4. Replace or upgrade brake parts when needed.

Electrical System Maintenance

Another component of your vehicle that should not be left out is its electrical system. Without frequent use, your car’s battery is likely to drain. You can prevent this from happening by at least starting your vehicle once or twice a week. If you do not plan on going for a drive, leave the engine running for a minimum of 20 minutes. That way, you help power your car’s battery.

Car Exterior Maintenance

They say that a car reflects the owner’s personality, and you certainly do not want to create a bad first impression on people. While it is not recommended to change your car’s paint so often, you must select the right detailing tool to keep your car shining like new and give it protection against harsh elements.

As a cheaper alternative to wax, you may use a hair conditioner. It is easier to apply than the traditional car wax, and it contains lanolin, which is the same essential ingredient for car wax. Additionally, to give your car a more personalized look, you may opt to invest in a laser etching machine.

Give Your Car’s Interior Some Loving

Lastly, the interior of your car is not something that should be left out. Without regular cleaning, the once nice interior will turn into a pigsty. Vacuum your car at least once a month, and do not leave any clutter lying around.

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