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Material Types Used for Car Seat Covers

Cars were primarily meant to get people from one point to the next for ages. While they still serve this function nowadays, they are also a status symbol and should be as comfortable as possible for their occupants and the driver. You will, after all, be distracted in an uncomfortable car, and this will, in turn, affect your driving and might cause an accident. When people hear of a comfortable and exceptional-looking vehicle, they immediately think this is a preserve of the rich who can afford luxury vehicles.

Window tinting by experts in Phoenix, AZ, to them seems like the only thing they can afford to boost their comfort when driving and protect their cars’ interiors. Modifications to boost the look and comfort of your car’s interiors might have been costly in the past. Nowadays, however, several alternatives exist for boosting your car’s interiors. One of the most inexpensive is the use of seat covers to protect your factory-made seats from spills and other destructive elements while transforming the car’s interior look. The following are your material options for car seat covers.


This material is marketed as microsuede since it gives your car a look that closely resembles the one suede would give. It looks exceptional, but its texture collects dirt and does not hide stains. To this end, it might not be ideal for a family car. Cleaning your microsuede covers requires specific soap and minimal water. This is thus best handled by a professional to avoid getting the cover too wet or staining it with the wrong detergent.


This is inarguably the easiest seat cover material to clean, making it ideal for family cars and cabs. Cleaning the covers only calls for a simple wipe using a damp cloth. Loose dirt is also easy to vacuum, and the material is non-porous hence waterproof. The biggest drawback of vinyl car seat covers is their minimal comfort. They get incredibly hot when exposed to the sun for extended periods. This might nonetheless be averted by investing in a window tinting product that also blocks the sun’s heat.

Faux Leather

Faux leather is as easy to clean as vinyl and is waterproof. It nonetheless has the same visual appeal as genuine leather and fortunately has far lower maintenance and upfront expenses compared to the latter. It, however, is not as durable as real leather.

Genuine Leather

This is considered the most luxurious option for car seat covers and is the leading choice for luxury car brands. Though expensive, its comfort, look, and durability will make it worth the price. Its cleaning should nonetheless be expertly handled to prevent creasing and staining it. Investing in top-quality window tinting is also essential to keep your leather cover from fading when exposed to UV rays.

With the traffic jams nowadays and road trips, your car should be among the most comfortable places for you since you will spend considerable time in it. Investing in seat covers to boost and customize its look to your desires is thus no longer something you can ignore. Rather than opt for standard ill-fitting covers, get customized ones fitted by the best possible car shop for the best look.

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