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Money, Power, Success and How Millennials See Them Differently

The idea of power has changed drastically over the years. Where baby boomers used to consider wealth as having a big house and holding a steady job until their retirement, millennials are pursuing more entrepreneurial options. Though this leaves them doing more work and facing uncertain situations, it’s also in line with the way they view success.

For millennials, it’s not about saving millions. They have different goals, and they pursue it using any means available.

Being Your Own Boss

Most millennials have experienced fierce competition in the workplace. Landing a job that pays well is hard enough. You might have to settle for a job that pays minimum wage so that you don’t have to be unemployed. You’ve gotten used to keeping a full-time job and having side jobs to tide you over. This is normal for millennials, while the same arrangement may be hard to understand for baby boomers who have been with their company for decades. This doesn’t make one generation better than the other; this shows the changing times. Now, even window-cleaning franchises are avenues for wealth for millennials, while in the past, it was all about the office job that paid for retirement.

Pursuing Your Passion

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One unique skill of millennials is their ability to multitask. And this isn’t just for their day-to-day schedules. Millennials know that they can have a corporate job, but it doesn’t have to define them. A real estate agent can be a part-time model, and a musician might also be working as a nurse. They have blurred the line between jobs and opportunities, and they might even create opportunities for themselves. The continued rise of influencer culture also puts them in contact with representatives of other fields, drawing up partnerships that would otherwise not be possible had they solely focused on their day job.

Investing Early

Though millennials don’t have the same retirement packages older generations enjoyed, this doesn’t mean they don’t want to retire comfortably. Millennials are curious about investing. It’s perfect because these days, there are several ways to do so. Mobile apps can introduce millennials to fractional investing options, which means they can invest any amount they have instead of buying the full price of shares. There are also job descriptions today that didn’t exist a decade ago, and through these new jobs, millennials can earn a good sum that will help them retire early.

Working Independently

It’s almost like millennials have cracked the code to earn money wherever they are. And while that might sound simplistic at first, if you consider the number of location-independent job opportunities available, it’s not so far-fetched. Now, social media managers can do their work even while they’re on vacation. Freelancers can be juggling several projects at once–without leaving home. Co-working spaces are everywhere because they know that there’s plenty of remote workers to cater to.

With the changes in the way millennials work, there’s no wonder that they can pursue not just a thriving career but also a luxurious lifestyle. This sense of freedom, for millennials, is power.

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