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Must-Have Medical Equipment and Supplies for Offices

The pandemic has given everybody valuable lessons. Everybody became aware of their surroundings. They also learn that everybody’s health should be a priority. Companies decided to reopen as the quarantine in most countries has lowered down. People start to work face-to-face again.

Most offices are now aware that an infection might occur. Offices invested in medical supplies and equipment to add to emergency response. Some purchased types of medical procedure carts that offices use for medical help.

But there are other medical types of equipment that offices invested in. Companies decided to buy these types of equipment for a quick response to any emergency. It is also a sign of preparedness in unexpected situations.

Companies realized that some medical equipment and supplies are a necessity nowadays. What are these things that an office should have? What are these medical equipment and supplies that help a safe and healthy workplace? Here are some examples to give you an idea:

An Automated External Defibrillator

People might have heard about the AED or the Automated External Defibrillator. This machine considers being one of the most helpful devices in medicine. Its purpose is to help a patient recover from cardiac arrest. It could also produce an electric shock to help regulate the heartbeat.

An external defibrillator also comes in handy. This equipment is easy to use and only needs to charge the battery for a short period. It is also lightweight and can carry anywhere.

AEDs can help anybody who is experiencing cardiac arrest. Thus, these machines prove to be life-saving devices. People will recover before bringing them to the hospital. All it takes is to allow an expert to use it. A company nurse will be able to accomplish the job.

Nebulizer machine

Nebulizer machines help people who are experiencing difficulty breathing. The patients who use these machines are people with asthma. Nebulizer machines is a drug delivery device that turns medicines into mists. This machine distributes the mist that patients inhale.

It is also a machine that treats other lung conditions. Nebulizers are also used for chest tightness and breathing with wheezing sounds. Doctors apply liquid drugs to the oxygen hose. The machine produces air that evaporates the drug going to the patient’s mouth.

These machines may not be rechargeable, but it is still portable and can plug into any outlet. Experts suggest buying a local brand to follow the electrical voltage requirement. This machine will surely help asthmatic patients at the office.

oxygen tank

Oxygen tanks

Everybody has seen how important an oxygen tank is nowadays. It is better if companies would have their oxygen tanks available. Oxygen tanks will not entirely help a patient recover from a medical condition. But this equipment will give the responders time to bring the patient to a hospital.

Oxygen tanks vary in size. Small tanks are common in households that have patients under home care. Hospitals and treatment facilities have big cylinders.

Oxygen cylinders are also a complex type of equipment. Be sure to learn how to use an oxygen cylinder before to ensure safety and proper care.

Digital blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure monitors are customary in office clinics. People would seek a nurse’s guide to check their blood pressure. But a digital blood pressure check is even better. It will help in-house nurses to check blood pressure once it is already digitized. Some manual BP monitors may become worn out with continuous use. But with digitized BP monitors, it will be easy to check an accurate result.

Digital BP monitors automatically wraps around the arm. It waits for the correct pressure, and it reads the pulse rate. The device also performs fast and will only take a couple of minutes to use. This medical device can also perform the task without a nurse’s guide. It is a perfect tool when a nurse is attending to other patients.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)

The pandemic has shown people how virus infection could be fatal. Office nurses and resident doctors may need to wear protection to keep them away from harm. PPE is a solution to prevent the disease from invading the front-line workers.

PPE is a necessary medical supply for those who attend to patients in the office. The resident doctors and nurses should protect themselves from virus threats. They need to defend themselves from viruses as people needed them in emergencies.

All companies may invest in these types of medical supplies. It is a way to ensure safety in their offices. It is as essential as alcohol and other medical supplies nowadays. Personal protective equipment also ensures the health of medical practitioners for the benefit of all.

These medical supplies and equipment are just examples needed nowadays. But the best way to ensure health and safety inside any office is awareness and preparedness. People should be guided accordingly on what to do in case there is a possible medical emergency. Companies may start programs on how employees can assist others. Awareness and preparedness will keep a workplace healthy and safe.

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