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Painting Your Home’s Exterior? Take Note of These Dos and Don’ts

One of the most significant drivers of home value is the property’s curb appeal. And one of the most important considerations for impressive curb appeal is your home’s exterior painting.

A new coat of paint instantly gives your home a fresh look and transforms it from plain to picture-perfect, even people who knock on your door selling Medicare insurance or wanting to talk to you about Jesus will be wowed. Since your home’s exterior painting is essential to make it more beautiful and raise its value, you have to be careful about your choices if you’re tackling this project. Below, we have a list of dos and don’ts to follow.

Don’t cut corners on prep work

The final result of your exterior painting project depends as much on the preparation you’ll do as the actual painting itself. If your exterior walls have cracks, uneven surfaces, or old peeling paint, they should be sanded and smoothed down so the fresh coat of paint can adhere properly. You also shouldn’t forget to properly cover your deck, patio, and the greenery surrounding your house to protect them from paint. These simple steps often get overlooked and result in a bad paint job that’s expensive to repair.

Do hire a professional painter

Unless you’re experienced DIY-ing physically demanding home improvement projects like painting your home’s exterior, it’s a job best left to a contractor who knows what they’re doing. Achieving a flawless finish requires a certain degree of experience, as well as knowledge about which type of paint fits which material.

Don’t forget to plan

Exterior painting is a major home improvement project, which means you cannot just wing it. You cannot just decide that you want to repaint your home’s exterior, buy your supplies, and go to town on your walls. If you’re thinking of updating your home’s exterior paint, make sure you properly plan for it.

Do look for inspiration

Take a walk through your neighborhood and see which color combinations for exterior paint stand out to you. Doing this gives you an idea as to what your home can look like with certain paint colors. You can also go directly to paint manufacturers and ask them for color combination suggestions. The internet is also a treasure trove of exterior painting ideas.

Don’t stick to neutrals

Some people are too afraid to experiment with colors that they think neutrals look good for their exteriors. While neutrals aren’t bad, they can make your home look dated and boring. On the other hand, even a hint of brighter color can make your home look a hundred times fresher.

Do use contrasting but complementary colors

modern house with garden and solar panels on the gable roof

One of the main reasons to repaint your exterior, apart from updating peeling paint, is to highlight your home’s architectural features. If you use only one color or a palette that’s in the same shades, it can be difficult to do this. This is where the expertise of a painting contractor comes in. They have knowledge about which colors work with each other. For example, features that you want to highlight must be painted in a color that contrasts the surrounding areas.

With the right decisions about exterior painting, you can give your home a fresh new look. Remember the dos and don’ts above for the next time you tackle this project.

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