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Parenting 101: How Busy Teens Can Stay Out of Trouble

We’d like to believe that our teenage sons and daughters are mature and intelligent enough to know what to do in certain situations. Remember our adolescent years? We thought that we could deal with whatever life threw at us because we were cool and “woke” that way. Then, we got into trouble, and we had to face the reality that we were not mature enough yet to handle stuff.

Now, parents are extra careful with their kids. They don’t want to be overprotective, but they don’t want their kids to get into trouble, either. Find activities that your child will like. Maybe you can get a gaming computer for them. As long as they know the limits of when they should and should not play (aka finish their schoolwork first), they should be able to enjoy using the computer. And, hey, gaming is a profession right now, so maybe your child will become a game developer or tester in the future.

Someday, your child is going to be mature enough to handle their own life. But for now, you have to act as a guide toward what you hope is the right direction for them. After all, who has the best intentions for your child other than you?

Keep Them Busy

Parents can be too busy making money and managing the household that they forget about forging a bond with their children. Get to know your child. Once you know them, you’ll have a pretty good idea of their hobbies and interests. Then, it’s time for you to find activities that suit their passions. You need to keep your teenager busy.


Regular physical and extracurricular activities keep teens out of trouble and harm’s way. These activities also improve their academic achievements. Do you know that crime statistics involving teens are the highest after-school hours? So, basically, keeping them in school is keeping them safe. Look into after-school activities such as sports and music that they can get involved with.

Spend Time with Them

Yes, you have to work for the family. Yes, there are bills to pay. Yes, you have to save for your child’s future. But somehow, these are no excuses at all. That’s why parents need to find a way to be superheroes. You need to provide and nurture at the same time. Spending time with your child allows you to get to know them from what they tell you about. You’ll see them in a new light by spending an hour talking or bonding with them.

These after-school hours are risky. Many teens get involved in alcohol, illegal drugs, and crime after school. Why not try to juggle your work schedule so that you can meet them after their extracurricular activities? You can do groceries together, run some errands, or grab a snack. Any time you can squeeze in to get to know your kid, grab it. The farther away your children stay from you, the more they’ll be misdirected by peer pressure.

There are plenty of after-school activities that your kid can take part in. They need your full support. They need to know that you’re with them every step of the way. Your presence will make such a huge difference in your child’s life.

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