Pest Removal: Methods that Won’t Break the Bank

As temperatures start to gradually warm-up, pests such as insects and rodents begin to emerge from hibernation to look for food and water. Unfortunately, those two things can be found in abundance in your home, which is why you can expect pesky critters during the warmer seasons. If left alone, it could even lead to an infestation.

Pest infestations not only damage your property, but they could also affect you and your family’s health. The best way to get rid of an insect or vermin infestation is to call an exterminator. There are other ways, too, to make your home less appealing to pests.

1. Minimize outdoor plants and mulch

Some insects use plants such as trees and shrubs to enter your home. To keep pests from reaching your property, you need to trim bushes and tree branches that physically touch the structure. If there are tree branches near windows, make sure the windows are tightly secured as well.

If you have flower beds around your home, pests could take shelter in the mulch layer. If pests keep coming back even after repeated removals, replace the mulch layer with rocks and pebbles.

2. Cover garbage

Pests are strongly attracted to garbage, which is why you need to store and dispose of them properly. If possible, store waste in a cool, dark place until collection day. Make sure the garbage can is covered with a tight lid. Gunk can slowly build up inside the garbage can, so give it a quick spray every two weeks.

If ants and cockroaches still manage to find their way into your garbage cans, sprinkle a liberal amount of borax around and inside the can to deter any possible intruders.
pests removal

3. Check for gaps

Pests often find their way into your home through tiny gaps and crevices. For starters, inspect all doors and windows and make repairs where necessary. Replace any torn mesh screens and make sure to find one with the tiniest possible holes.

Afterward, check the exterior walls and foundation for possible points of entry. It could be a thin crack on the wall, a broken siding, corroded pipes, or even exposed wiring. Sheet metal and mesh screen can deter bigger pests, but for insects, you might have to use mortar.

4. Wash recyclables

Recyclables such as glass and plastic containers can also attract pests due to the food remnants left inside.

First, make sure all containers are stored in a clean bin designated for recyclables. If you have an open bin for recyclables, don’t forget to give the containers a quick rinse to remove any food particles left inside. Finally, store recyclables outdoors rather than in your home or garage.
These pointers will help you deter pests from wreaking havoc on your home. When it comes to pest removal, the best defense is a good offense. Proactive measures such as proper garbage storage and regular inspections go a long way in keeping your home pest-free. Most importantly, you need to keep your home clean. If you mop and vacuum regularly, you are removing food sources and hiding places for pests.

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