Preparing Antique Pieces for a Move

If you have lived long enough, you can tell that moving is an inevitable process — that it is a part of life. Individuals move within towns, across towns, and even overseas. Some of the reasons that prompt moving include a change of job, a change of school, natural calamities, and government requirements, among others. Moving requires adequate planning to see that everything goes as planned. It is for this reason that individuals hire professional movers in Lake Charles, LA to help with the moving process. They help with packing, transportation, unpacking, and arranging times in the new settlement.

Household items make a majority of the items that a person will be moving with. While wrapping and putting in cartons may seem like the obvious thing to do for household items, there are some items which you cannot handle like that. Antique pieces, paintings, pianos, and chandeliers require special handling when planning to move. These items are expensive and unique, making it hard to get a replacement of the items. However, proper planning and execution will see that your pieces stay intact during and after the moving process. Here are a few things you can do if you have these pieces and are planning to move:

Create an Inventory

Writing down all the antique items you own will not only help in tracking the items when packing or unpacking, but will also help movers in planning. In the inventory, write a brief description of the item. That way, you can be sure that you will not leave any of your pieces behind.

Appraisal of Items

When you hire moving services, you have moving insurance benefits as a client. This means that in case any of your items breaks or gets lost before getting to your destination, you are worthy of compensation. It is therefore important to get an appraisal for these items so you will get compensated right, should there be an accident before getting to your destination.

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Examine Each Antique Piece

No antique piece resembles the other. As a result, it is important that you look into each of the pieces. Notice the delicate parts of a piece, the size of the piece, the shape, material, and uniqueness. Each antique piece requires special handling, and you can only tell this if you examine each piece beforehand.


After identifying the antique pieces, it is important that you prepare the items for packing ahead of moving. Some antique ivory pieces will require cleaning or wiping using a special cloth and liquid. Antique dealers can guide you best on how to prepare these pieces for moving. After adequate preparation, you can go ahead and ask the movers to help you with the wrapping.

Preparing antique items before moving requires special attention, which upon neglect will compromise the state of these items. When talking to your movers, ensure that you inform them of your ownership and then make plans. Movers understand that these pieces are unique and thus, they require special attention during moving. Adequate preparation will see that your pieces stay in shape during the moving process and that they get to your new residence in great shape.

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