The Precious One Percent: Water and Communities

Water is vital for life, and many scientists use it as the basis for the existence of life on other planets. Our planet is 70 percent covered in water, but that does not mean it is an infinite resource. Much of this water is undrinkable, and what we consider drinkable water makes only one percent of this amount. But this one percent keeps our bodies hydrated and is used and reused by more than 7 billion people.

People can last for weeks without food, but could only last for a few days without water. Our bodies are made up of 70 percent of water and runs in our blood, organs, and bones. The water within us is also used for our bodily functions, so hydration is important. Water allows blood to remain liquid for proper circulation, moisturizes the skin, aids with digestion and keeps the brain cool. People already know that they need to be hydrated and drink plenty of fluids for day-to-day functions, so many civilizations have made water central to their communities and their survival.

Social Impact

The water industry is important for providing people with clean, quality water for consumption. The Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) has also listed the health benefits of investing in water for communities and families, going beyond the perspective of individual concerns. Not only is clean water beneficial for our health, but also for the general public. The WSAA listed the following:

  • Water for more active recreation
  • Water for mental health with exposure to green space
  • Water for health improvements caused by reduced temperatures
  • Water for health improvement due to reduced air pollution.

With the rise of properties, communities, and lands for sale in places like Manor Lakes, Victoria, those  communities that invest in water resources and habitats are seeing the benefit of water usage in the community. WSAA plans to include quality sewerage services and water for a healthier community. 

More Than Our Physical Health

Picture this: you’re on vacation and stop by a countryside lake. You take a deep breath of fresh air and bask under the sunlight. Your muscles start to relax. It’s not just because of the vacation, but your exposure to a large body of water. There is a correlation between being near a body of water and better health. Exposure to water environments also promotes fitness and physical activities, and reduces the risk of obesity and diabetes. It also reducess stress which can improve mental wellbeing.
like natural green spaces, people react positively as well to images and sceneries with water. While it’s already known that spending time in green spaces benefits physical and mental health, not many people think the same way about water. Though many people love spending time near the ocean, many often link it with physical activities or fresh air.
resources are essential for humanity’s survival, and many communities see what could happen if they invest in reusing and recycling that small percentage we use. If you want to find a community that recognises the value of the world’s finite resources, why not look for a community that invests in the water industry?

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