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Primary Information Needed By a Bail Bondsman

Even the best of people at times get caught up on the wrong side of the law. In these times, there is no reason for them to languish in jail awaiting the verdict of the courts. The courts can set a bail bond for them to pay before their release from jail pending trial. This is meant to guarantee that a defendant will not miss his/her court hearings and will comply with various conditions the courts will set.

The amount set for bail bonds by Concord NC courts depends on your criminal history and the nature of your crime. While people nowadays go to great lengths preparing for some of life’s eventualities, few people put money aside for their bail. Even those that might anticipate the payment of bail will not set an exact monetary amount aside. In these cases, therefore, a guarantor can step in to pay the bail bond and get you out of jail in exchange for a set percentage of the bail bond as processing fee and some security. Here is the information the bondsman will need before payment of the bail bond.

Jail and Arrest Information

Being able to locate a client is the first step every guarantor will take. You will thus provide as much information on your loved one’s arrest and jail, including the place of arrest, the agency that conducted the arrest and the nature of his/her crime. An inmate number also significantly eases the location of a client for a guarantor and the consequent posting of bail.

Basic Information

When signing up for a bail bond with a guarantor, you should provide your basic information as well as that of the person in jail. Some of the standard information the guarantor will ask for include your full names, social security numbers and phone number along with a valid identification card or state driver’s license. The guarantor will also require the same information for the defendant. If the information is not immediately available, a few guarantors allow you to provide it within 24-48 hours after a defendant’s release.

Employer Information

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The guarantor will also require your employer’s information and the defendant’s employer. He/she will want to know who you work for, how long you have been with the company and the company’s contact information. Some bail bond companies will only pay bail bonds for defendants with proof of employment to minimize their risk of losses.


Most bail bond companies will ask for 3-5 referees before they pay your bail or that of your loved one. The referees you can use for your bail application include co-workers, partners, family members and community leaders. In case the defendant skips court hearings, the bondsman will recoup his/her money from the referees provided.

The above information will determine how fast you can get a loved one out of jail once the court grams bail. It is thus prudent to have it at hand when you attend the bail hearing. There are undoubtedly several bail bond companies. Even so, compare the terms being offered to ensure they suffice for your current situation. Some guarantors might take advantage of your desperation to fleece you.

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