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Productivity at Home 101: How to Stay Engaged During the Pandemic

There was a search that an online company did to learn which companies were going remote because of the difficulties the coronavirus pandemic caused. While there were few that managed to adjust near the start of the outbreak, things aren’t the same since then.

Whether people want to acknowledge it or not, there are a lot of office workers that now find themselves part of the remote workforce. Working virtually has new challenges for those trying to cope with the situation. Those working in sales funnel optimization might find different challenges from those working in the digital niche, but most find that they’re similarly trying to stay productive, engaged, and connected to each other.

While some have started to ask whether there are conditions, they need to fulfill to create a productive environment during work from home, here are a few tips which were gathered from different experts in the industry.

Expectations are Important

It doesn’t depend on whether you want the whole business to shift to remote work or just want to protect your employees from infection; you should set expectations on how work will be done. Outside the office, your employees have more flexibility in their dress code and work times. If you want everyone to be available between 9 AM to 3 PM, then it’s important to set expectations.

Remote work won’t mean a thing, though, if you are not flexible to your employees’ needs. The video of a man whose children popped in while being interviewed is very real in the world of virtual work. If you have employees with children or pets, for instance, acknowledge that interruptions can happen. Give them ample time to care for their pets and their family, as well.

Develop a Sharing Plan

While some companies thrive in the online work environment, there are those that are just built differently. Some companies have work that requires employees to go out in the field and that cannot be simply bought online. It’s a specific challenge that group meetings held online or daily summary emails cannot solve.

If this is the case, leaders should make sure that all employees are on board with the same information. There is research that says a good teammate is one that readily shares information. You should give more work to having the whole team ready to explain processes when needed.

Pick the Right Channel for Communication

Making decisions over email, when shared with a big group of people, is hard. It’s better to just call the entire group and have everyone on the phone or video chat. If there is any other information that needs to be shared, it can be done quickly via the use of video chat.

If you have information to share that is directed towards one person only or has sensitive details, then email is the way to go. This is especially important if you have to explain some processes or information step by step. It’s also convenient if the information needs to be checked again from time to time.

If the question is simple and quick, then instant messaging is available too.

Refresh Before Diving into Work

This is advice for those who always think about work and dives into it the moment they wake up. If you dive right into it, you’ll find that you have a harder time at work. It pays to do the many things you have to do when you wake up before going to work.

If you used to have a commute, consider eating breakfast or exercising with the time you used to spend commuting. There are many activities that can fill in that time, especially during the pandemic. You can meditate or catch up on your reading, too.

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Designate a Special Area for your Workspace

Sometimes, people make the mistake of setting no area for their workspace, preferring to work anywhere in their home. There are many distractions at home. You might find it harder to focus if you’re working in the living room, for instance, or some other place.

The bedroom or a separate space would be good if you want to work. If you’ve got a garden setting, you can try to move there and do your work for the day. If you’ve got an extra table and chair, then you can go set it up and turn it into your own remote work cubicle.

Some people find it hard to adjust to the remote work life, while others slide in effortlessly. It pays for you to take a look at the key elements of working and apply it, even when working from home. This helps you be able to focus on your tasks just as you would when you’re in the office.

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