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Professional Cleaning Business: A Progressive Venture That’s Always in Demand

Having a clean office and a clean house is a way to be productive and healthy. Tidy and properly organized workplaces appear more professional, and as an employee or business owner, you’d be more comfortable working in clean facilities. At home, it’s easier to move around and feel relaxed when clutter isn’t around. In either place, regularly replaced air filters for air conditioners would prevent the spread of diseases because or air pollutants.

The professional cleaning industry has been helping businesses and residential areas maintain optimum cleanliness or improve their current environmental conditions. Many people are also getting encouraged to start this business, and commercial cleaning business franchise opportunities are being made available.

To understand this type of business further, it must be clear that the cleaning industry comes in three sectors: commercial, janitorial, and residential.

Commercial Cleaning

This type of cleaning is done only once to a few times per year. The service is offered to commercial premises such as offices, dining establishments, and retail stores. However, commercial cleaners may also be hired to do domestic or residential cleaning services. They do heavy tasks such as deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery, washing of windows, and polishing floors. They are equipped with industrial cleaning tools and have sufficient staff to do the job.

Janitorial Cleaning

Janitorial cleaning services are the day-to-day tasks of sweeping floors, dusting furniture, mopping office, bathroom, and kitchen floors, and emptying trash bins. Janitors maintain the cleanliness of commercial establishments, keeping them ready to accept visitors or customers.

Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning or domestic cleaning is a service made available to homeowners. This specialization comes with maid services. Domestic cleaners are hired for housekeeping services such as cleaning of beddings, mopping and sweeping floors, tidying up the kitchen, sanitizing bathrooms, and many others. They supply cleaning products and tools, as well. Residents have the option to hire them daily, monthly, or just occasionally.

The Market for the Cleaning Industry

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Since cleanliness is indispensable, the market for this industry continues to grow. Janitorial services, in particular, are a staple in food, hospitality, and healthcare establishments. Regardless of the fluctuating economy, janitorial services will always be part of the protocol for these types of businesses.

Commercial cleaning, on the other hand, has generated a revenue of $37,217 million in 2015, accounting for the highest revenue for cleaning services that year. The growing construction activity that demands post-construction cleaning services stimulated the growth of the commercial cleaning market.

As for residential cleaning, the demand and market are expected to grow because of dual-income households acquiring the services. The largest market share in the overall residential cleaning market was accounted for by maid services in 2015.

In the 2016-2022 forecast, cleaning services registered a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 6.2%. Overall, the market for cleaning services is expected to accumulate $74,229 million by the year 2022, according to experts. North America is currently the largest market for this industry; the U.S. being a major part of it. The increasing number of working women and the changing consumer lifestyles have given rise to the demand and market.

With the favorable results of market research and surveys, it is safe to assume that starting a cleaning services business could be a source of income with high profitability. Constant research and proper management will make this business progressive. As a consumer, you’d also notice how much you need these services when you don’t have time do the cleaning yourself. For business owners, cleanliness always remains to be a part of standard business procedures. Knowing the market by being a part of it is an advantage to operate a cleaning business effectively.

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