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All the Promotional Products That Your Business Still Needs Today

There is no right or wrong when it comes to marketing and promoting a business. Big companies have not been successful because they keep on doing the same strategy all over again. They made new promotions, pushed for fresh marketing ideas, and instituted a change in every corner. No business can survive in such a dog-eat-dog world of today’s economy if they are not pushing the boundaries of what marketing can do for them.

In the midst of all these is the use of promotional materials to advertise and promote a business. A decade ago, your kitchen counter will have a holder full of pens from different local companies. Even your mouse pad will have a company’s logo on it. And what about those coffee mugs? You’ve probably drunk coffee from a coffee mug that has a construction company’s name plastered around it.

Slowly, these promotional products became less and less prominent in company events. Many businesses have stopped putting their names on promotional materials as if their names were something they have to be embarrassed about. These promotional products are still a huge part of marketing a business, and you shouldn’t stop using their benefits. They’re a low-cost way of raising brand awareness and making sure that your target market remembers your organization.

Personalizing with Your Logo or Your Customer’s Name?

With the use of a heat press machine, you can personalize virtually anything you can think of—coffee mugs, T-shirts, mousepads, pens, water bottles, keychains, umbrellas, etc. But the question here is whether you want to customize your promotional products with your company’s name and logo or if you want to use your customer’s name to make it more personal?

You can choose to have your customer’s name on the pen or coffee mug. Making it more personal will show your customers that you appreciate their patronage. However, do not forget to also put your company’s logo or name on it. Even a small one on the corner will work wonders to remind them who gave the product to them.

Coffee Mugs

Believe it or not, people are not going to throw away your promotional coffee mugs. They might not use it for their drink because they have those bearing the names of their favorite coffee shops. However, they can still use these mugs as pen holders. They usually put it on their kitchen counter and throw a variety of things in there—pens, hairpins, receipts, and what-not. Your company logo and name will still be front and center in their homes.

Reusable Shopping Bags

One of the most popular promotional products for companies now is reusable shopping bags. Since a lot of grocery stores and restaurants have already eliminated the use of plastic bags, customers have begun bringing their own shopping bags. They won’t throw these away as they even buy reusable bags for their groceries. These are great promotional materials since other people will be exposed to your company’s logo and name when they see someone bringing the shopping bag.

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Water Bottles

Aren’t people always losing water bottles? So, they’ll probably grab the first one they see in their cupboard, which just happens to be yours. And even if they do lose your personalized water bottle, the upside to this is someone else might see it and pick it up for themselves or someone else. Spreading brand awareness is the benefit of promotional products.


Shirts and hats are the most popular apparel used by organizations to customize with their brand’s name and logo. While they are not going to use it when they go to the clubs or when they go to work, people don’t have any qualms about using a shirt with a company logo when they jog around town or when they go to the grocery to shop. Seeing your brand’s name and logo on someone’s shirt will still be a great reminder of what you can offer.


A keychain flashlight is another great promotional product. It’s very useful. It has a real-world value. People are going to attach a mini flashlight to their keychain because it might spell the difference between safety and danger. These units can also serve as a reminder to your customers that your company cares about their safety and convenience.

Promotional products such as apparel and mugs can increase brand awareness, market share, and customer loyalty. They are a constant reminder to your customers of what you can deliver—whether in terms of products or services. They are not as antiquated as others believe them to be. Promotional products are still very much relevant in today’s world.

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