Raise Your Kids in These Well Loved Kansas Suburbs

Wallethub named Overland Park the best place to raise families in America, while users voted Leawood as the best suburb in Kansas to raise a family. Boutique real estate agency also describes these two as family-friendly neighborhoods worth checking if you want to move to Kansas.

How did these neighborhoods gain such a reputation? Let’s take a look at how they rate in terms of safety and environment, school options, and amenities and leisure places for growing families.

Overland Park

Located in Johnson County, Overland Park has a dense suburban feel with its quiet neighborhood brimming with fun leisure places for kids of all ages.

Overland Park has fun destinations for families like the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead, where kids can explore Kanza Indian-style camps, ride ponies, and bottle-feed young goats with milk. It also has an arboretum and botanical gardens, with 120 hectares of tree collection and plant species.

On top of these destinations, Overland Park has a wealth of community trails, outdoor parks, gardens, sports facilities, and leisure amenities. Moreover, being a quick 20-minute drive to the heart of downtown makes it convenient for those who want to satisfy their cravings for Kansas-style barbecue or traditional jazz music.

Living in this pleasant neighborhood is affordable for the average family. The cost of living is only 3 percent higher than the US national average. The job market is also strong and the household income of $78,000 in this area is 50 percent higher than that of the national average.

Purchasing a home here is something worth considering. Although the median value of homes is around 30 percent higher than the national average, and the median rent is slightly higher ($1,000) than the national average of $949, property appreciation is on an upward trend.

For families with school-age children, Overland Park offers more than 70 public schools and over 15 private schools, several of which are A+ rated on

The only downside of Overland Park is the gradual increase in population and commercial site development, which are now causing more traffic jams and incidences of crime.



Leawood, also in Johnson County and right below Overland Park, is a peaceful and upscale locale that boasts of top-notch schools and a walkable neighborhood with quick access to basic amenities and leisure places. And if you are in search of a spacious estate in a luxurious village, you’ll also find this in Leawood.

In Leawood, your kids can opt to study in some of the best schools in Kansas. The city has an abundance of amenities like markets, parks, and libraries. Shops and restaurants cater to every price-point. From brand-name boutiques, budget stores to trendy restaurants, casual diners, and coffee shops—Leawood has them. Home to the Leawood Stage Company, it has something to offer to the culture and art enthusiast.

Buying a home in Leawood can be an investment because the value of homes is always appreciating. The median home value is more than double the national average at $431,000. Median rent is at $1,364, more than 30 percent higher than the national average. Nine out of ten residents in Leawood own their homes.

The cost of living, however, is 25 percent higher than the national average. The job market is strong, though, and most residents are earning around 200 percent higher than most Americans. 

Kansas suburbs are attracting many people with its peaceful locales that offer proximity to city conveniences minus the congestion, traffic problem, and noise.

If you’re looking for Kansas suburbs similar to Leawood, you may also want to check out Prairie, Fairway, and other places in the surrounding vicinity. Kansas has a suburb for every family. Just keep looking until you find the community that looks like your next dream neighborhood.

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