Removing a Mid-sized Tree Can Cost Around $480

The average price of tree service in Salt Lake City can cost from $480 to $670 if it involves the removal of a mid-sized tree, which usually measures between 30 and 60 feet in length.

Most homeowners in the city spend approximately $572 for removing medium trees. The price includes the cost of equipment worth at least $112, while 2.2 hours of professional labor can cost around $460. Clean-up and disposal might not be included in the standard rate. When choosing among different contractors, request for at least three quotes to compare the most reasonable price.

Cost Per Size

The tree’s height normally represents a significant part of the cost for removal. Small trees usually reach up to 30 feet in length and removing it might not be too difficult. Hence, you can expect to pay a smaller price for tree service. Transplanted trees, however, can be more expensive than the usual rate because of the added labor of uprooting and then replanting the tree.

Tree removal and clean-up

The same scenario can apply when transplanting medium trees. The national average for removing medium trees range from $500 to $900, so the cost in Salt Lake City is quite cheaper based on the standardized length. On the other hand, removing large trees that reach more than 60 feet high can cost up to $2,000. It might not be wise to transplant large trees because of the involved cost, especially when it stands near power lines.

Other Factors that Affect Rates

The tree’s location can account for up to 50% of a contractor’s rate. It will cost more to remove trees with branches that are intertwined with utility lines, due to the higher risk of removing it. You shouldn’t also expect the cost of removal for a smaller tree to be cheaper when it has a thick diameter.

If a contractor charges by the hour, they can quote a higher rate because of the longer time it will take to remove a tree with a thick diameter. In other words, removing a 20-foot tree can cost more than a 30-foot tree if diameter alone will serve as the only comparison. 

Stump Removal

Man cuts a tree stump

Most tree services don’t include stump removal. Some can include it if you need to remove several trees at once. Otherwise, you might have to pay extra for the service. A contractor can quote a fee based on the stump’s diameter, which can cost between $2 and $3 per inch. If they charge per stump, the cost can be dependent on the tree’s size. You can either pay at least $50 for each one or up to $150 in some cases.

The actual cost of tree removal in Salt Lake City will greatly depend on the tree’s height, its location, and the complexity of required work. Be sure to ask the contractor if they charge per hour or based on the tree’s size. Look for a company that specializes in tree care and maintenance. They can recommend other cheaper alternatives if you’re keen on keeping the tree.

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