Should You Go “Small” When Moving?

If you're overwhelmed by the long list of available movers in your area, sometimes you may be surprised that all you may need, after all, are small movers. Unless you're moving overseas, small movers or interstate removalists from Melbourne to Sydney may be enough to address your needs. These types of service providers specialize in relocations that don't meet the minimum for commercial van lines.

But that's not the limit. They can also handle shipping for items that may be too big for traditional courier services. In simple terms, these services may be considered the better alternative to DIY or self-service movers because these come with all the benefits of a full-service mover. Here's what you need to know:

No unexpected or hidden fees

The factors that are included when calculating standard moving charges include distance, weight, manpower, and your chosen services. Most of the time, you're required to pay a minimum fee if the items you need to move don't meet the weight prerequisite set by the movers. But with small movers, minimum weight requirements aren't common – in most cases, they don't even have one at all. The prices are calculated based on either the weighted averaged of the items that need to be moved or the actual poundage.

Mover carrying boxes

But just because they're called “small movers” doesn't mean their services are limited. In fact, many of the companies offer local, national, and international moving and shipping services that may come with basic insurance coverage with no additional costs. For example, if you're moving within the same state, expect to pay an hourly charge. If your destination isn't ready for your move yet, these small movers may also offer a safe and secure storage system for your items. But be sure to check with your chosen mover first to see if they do have this offering.

The right amount of moving assistance

If you don't have a huge amount of items to move, companies that focus on small moves might be your best option. These are the typical choices of many – whether you're a homeowner, a student getting ready to move for college, someone who lives in a tiny apartment or even a member of the military. This is the more affordable and safer option whether you're moving only a few items or an entire household compared to renting a truck or going the DIY route, especially if you're a first-timer.

While DIY may be the cheapest option for you, you wouldn't want to take on the task on your own if you're moving something large, valuable, and fragile. Some people also have reservations when it comes to using conventional courier services even if they come with insurance offerings. If the budget is a concern, discuss all the available options with your chosen mover.

Man carrying sofa into a new home

If you're after the services that are commonly offered by full-service movers but don't necessarily meet the requirements to hire one, small movers are the smart choice for you. Move all your treasured items with ease and comfort.

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