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What is the Significance of Art in the Corporate World?

You might have heard the expression, “beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder.” Today, however, this saying is only partly true. That is because, in the millennial era, art extends beyond the boundaries of beauty and lifestyle. The best example to support my point is its acceptability in corporate culture to achieve business objectives.   Today, corporations of all sizes and industries are putting their money into office artworks. These are usually eccentric and sophisticated fine art printing, gorgeous sculptures, beautiful paintings, etc.

Businesses are not embracing the idea just for the sake of it, but research supports the claim. According to the study, art in the workplace helps businesses solve essential issues such as lowering stress by 78%, boosting creativity by 64%, and promoting opinions by 77%. Given that today, employees are overburdened, exhausted, and stuck with the same monotonous routine, this strategy seems perfect, but how?

Let’s go through it and see how businesses are hitting back by investing in workspace artwork.

Builds brand identity

You would have heard the saying, “the first impression is the last impression.” Well, the same is true when it comes to your brand identity. How your workplace appears visually does create a long-lasting impact on your clients. Believe it or not, office art is the most effective method for developing a brand personality. It contributes to creating a brand’s visual image for it to stand out from the crowd. The brand’s selection of artworks is vital in reflecting the company’s values and philosophies.

You’re probably thinking about how this is achievable. The thing is, when someone walks into the office property, the first thing they see is the art since they are incredibly visual. So, with the right art choice, a business may successfully highlight its purpose to prospective joiners and clients, such as serving society.

Boosts productivity

The office is practically a second home to the working individuals since the majority of time is spent there. But the constant pressure of work and delivering on time makes this second home a challenging space for many employees. A few art pieces can change this as they make the space more energetic and living. Thus, it helps the employees become more cheerful and productive.

Additionally, regardless of hierarchy, this strategy is the ideal conversation starter among co-workers. This enables them to connect over formal subjects. Employees’ moods improve, and happy employees bring excellent outcomes.

Attracts talent

To thrive in the digital era, companies are searching for employees with both technical and soft skills. However, there is a high demand for such expertise and little availability. To address this, businesses sponsor artists and local arts initiatives to demonstrate their support for culture and community. This gives prospective employees the impression that the firm has an emotional element and that working with them would be a pleasant experience.

Improves staff retention rates

Today, finding the right talent is difficult, and once found, keeping them is much more difficult. Art in the office creates the proper environment, sparks casual talks, and brings people together. All of this eventually leads to happy and satisfied employees. Employee happiness not only increases productivity but also lowers employee turnover rates. As a result, time and money are saved on staff training and other formalities. We can say that art modestly improves employee retention and decreases employee turnover.

Improves employee health

This might amaze you, but art is a powerful approach to improve the overall health of employees. An art-filled office guarantees satisfied employees and a stress-free working environment. Reduced stress levels result in better employee health and, as a result, reduced sick days. It also enables people to present themselves differently, try out new practices to acquire valuable insight, and learn healthy coping strategies at the office. This ultimately helps brands meet their final aim, which is high productivity, which assures vast profits.

Promotes diversity

Art pieces at workplaces are also employed as part of businesses’ diversity and inclusion attempts to show respect and interest to different cultures. This aids you in retaining diverse talents irrespective of age, color, gender, ethnicity, or other factors. It fosters an atmosphere in which workers, regardless of differences, feel welcomed, respected, and appreciated as members of a multicultural team.

Spending on artwork for workplaces is valuable since it results in a more resourceful, competitive, and satisfied workforce. This leads to increased earnings, which is the end goal of every business. In reality, art is a type of needless luxury. However, you do not need to invest millions on an art collection, as Swiss bank UBS did. You can allot just a minimal budget on a few local art pieces, which will do the trick. After all, who says that local can’t be the right choice?

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