The Best Ways to Set up Your Work-from-home Space

Whether it’s because of the threat of the coronavirus or you’ve simply switched careers, the work-from-home set up is here to stay. Many of you are working home for the first time. You’ll be surprised at how convenient and challenging it can be at the same time. For a while, you’ll wonder why companies don’t just let their employees have this kind of set up. It’s so convenient not to have to drive or commute to work every morning. Then, it will dawn on you that this isn’t a walk in the park for you either.

Working from home is not just about having a stable internet connection. It’s about finding the right space for your home office. You can convert a part of your living room as a home office. Or, some have opted to know the insulated patio roofing cost because they want to work outdoors. They figured they might as well work outdoors, so they won’t feel cooped up inside their homes. Besides, working with natural light is always great for productivity and it’s also an instant morale booster.

Picking the Right Spot

But choosing the right space in your home is easier said than done. If you live in a tiny apartment, you’ll have fewer options. With a bigger house, you can be more creative in finding the perfect space for your home office. Ideally, you want a space that’s out of the way and away from possible distractions such as the television and snacks. You should also pick a spot that gets a strong internet signal. You don’t want to worry about losing signal while in the middle of work.

If you have kids, stay as far away from their distance-learning area as possible. However, if you’re also the one coordinating their lessons, then you should find a space that’s conducive to both your needs. For example, you can set up your workspace on the kitchen counter while your kids have the dining table for their lessons. This way, you can supervise them better.

Setting up Proper Lighting

Your workspace must get as much natural light as possible. It’s bad enough that you had to spend the past decade sitting in an office that gets very little sunlight. This is your time to experience what it’s like working with proper lighting. A sunny spot near the kitchen window helps. If you can’t get enough light even after removing the curtains or drapes, get a floor or table lamp. That will create a well-lit desk.

If you’re already experiencing eye strain from your first day of a work-from-home setup, then that means you don’t have the right kind of light entering the room. Add another source of light or adjust the position of the current lighting. This is an important aspect of a home office, so don’t shrug it off.

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Using Ergonomic Furniture

In the office, you cajoled your boss into investing in ergonomic chairs and tables. You argued that this is for the good of the workforce. And you were right. However, unless your bosses allowed you to take home your ergonomic chairs and tables, you have to make do with what you have. Find a chair and table with the right height. Put some pillows and draped blanket for extra cushioning. You can also prop up your laptop on some books to add height if needed.

The kitchen counter will work great as a standing desk. You shouldn’t spend hours hunched over your computer screen. Once in a while, stand from your table and work on your makeshift standing desk. Make sure that your back is aligned whether you’re sitting down or standing. If you are bending down to see the screen, this position isn’t great for your back or your neck.

Decorating the Space

Although this could only be temporary, don’t forget to decorate your workspace. What difference does it make that you are now working from home rather than in your office cubicle? If you tried to make your cubicle in the office look homey by putting succulent plants, then why not do the same for your makeshift home office? Make it a pleasant space to spend time in. You can even add an essential oil diffuser and play soft music while you work.

It is not impossible to be productive at home. Even with kids running and playing around, you can still get a lot of work done. It’s all in the details. By managing your time well and creating the perfect spot, you’re making this work-from-home set up truly a walk in the park.

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