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The Necessary Adjustments to Help Seniors Feel Comfortable at Home

A house should be a comfortable place for you and your loved ones. You will be making multiple adjustments and renovations to make your home a habitable place for your family. The process usually begins when you start to have children, but can also be the same when you are reaching retirement age. The design of a modern house for adults might not be suitable for seniors, which is why you need to make adjustments. Here are a few tips to help renovate your home into a senior-friendly one:

Provide Everything at the Ground Floor

People often lose mobility when they reach a certain age. It will be difficult for seniors to exert a lot of effort into physical activities. At some point, your loved one might find it challenging to walk up the stairs on their own. Elevator chairs can help an elderly move up to the second floor, but you should avoid relying on it so much. You should be aware of the needs of your loved one and provide all of them on the ground floor. You can turn the guest bedroom into their new quarters. You should consider installing a bathroom on the ground floor as well. Put their clothes, medications, and belongings within their reach.

Make the Bathroom Senior-Friendly

The bathroom is often a wet area. Adults can take a few slips and falls during their lifetime, but seniors must always take caution. A simple slip might lead to fatal consequences, especially when they do not have a lot of assistance. Consider installing grab handles around the room, particularly near the toilet. You should also install a walk-in tub for seniors to prevent them from having to risk their balance while taking a shower. Fixing drainage problems is also crucial. Wet floors are always going to be problematic when you are living with a senior. You should consider adding adhesive mats to help your loved ones get a good grip on their balance.

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Chores Can Be Physical Exercise

Even if they are no longer in great condition, seniors must partake in physical exercise. Easy fitness routines can help them, but they might be looking for ways to contribute to the household. Fortunately, there are a few chores that seniors can do to maintain physical activity. Watering the garden, planting flowers, doing the dishes, and cooking are only some of the tasks a senior can perform. Accomplishing chores will also help seniors feel good about themselves, attracting a positive mindset.

Remove the Threats and Hazards

Similar to baby-proofing a house, you must make a few adjustments if you are living with seniors. Keep fragile objects away from them to avoid breakage. You must also keep in mind the pieces of furniture with sharp edges to prevent injuries. Threats and hazards will have more impact on a senior compared to the average adult, which is why you should always keep your loved ones under constant supervision.

The cycle of life makes us perform a lot of adjustments in our homes. Seniors will require more care at their age. Taking care of them will be a lot easier for you to perform if you manage to keep your house senior-friendly. If you do not have enough free time on your hands, you should also consider hiring a caregiver.

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