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Things You Didn’t Know Your Taste Buds Were Telling You

We often rely on our taste buds to take care of deciding if something is good or not. We also trust it to help us determine the temperature of our food and drink.

But the job that our taste buds do is more than just that. They can also tell us things about ourselves and our surroundings. They aren’t the first things that come to mind, but they are important.

1. You need to get your water heater repaired

If you fill yourself a glass of water and start to taste rust or metal in your drink, it’s a sign that your heater is failing. Some people think this is a sign of hard water. But hard water has an excessive mineral that doesn’t leave a taste or smell.

A faulty water heater will most likely start breaking down and leaking. This can be the cause of rust forming on the pipes and body. Soon, this rust will seep into the water you use.

It’s better to have your heater checked and maintained so that you can avoid any complications. Lots of professionals that offer water heater repair in Orem, Utah and other places.

2. You have an infection

If your sense of taste is dull or gone, this could be a sign of a cold coming or even worse problems. These are likely associated with your sinuses, tonsils, or airways.

Complications with these may range from a stuffy nose to sore throats and even persistent coughing. While it’s no need to be paranoid at the first sign of dull taste buds, you can always visit your primary physician to be sure.

Before you go jumping to conclusions about the worse case scenario, you can also check if the cook was maybe just a little shy with the seasoning.

3. You have to deal with stress

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Constant cravings for sweetness actually are a sign that you’re enduring stress. This makes your hormones and your taste buds react to this strong taste more.

Sweets, followed closely by salty snacks, are associated with stress or emotional eating for good reason. They are bold flavors that create endorphins or at the very least, satisfy the body. This gives the feeling of calmness or relief.

Sometimes, the taste buds also make you look for the habit of eating food for the sake of doing something. This may also be caused by boredom or anxiety.

4. Your body may have a deficit

Your body knows things before you consciously do. The body can send signals to make you give yourself what the body feels you lack.

In certain cases of notable deficiencies, the body may cause you to make drastic actions. For example, a lack of rest and sleep can make you pass out or have a seizure. This is a way that body and brain cause you to go into a low-power rest mode. It’s similar for cravings. If you’re craving meaty umami flavors, your body could be saying it needs iodine or protein.

When you feel these pangs, see and observe which among the foods you are craving actually has any discernible impact.

Our taste buds are a fascinating part of the body. Often underestimated, our taste buds can actually be telling us a bigger story if we know how to listen to them.

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