Thinking Big: Tips On Expanding Your Restaurant

Your restaurant has to change if it wants to survive. You can’t stay the small hole-in-the-wall operation indefinitely. With the small margins in the food industry business, you need to stay relevant to be profitable. Here are a few upgrades that you can do so that your restaurant stays competitive.

Give Your Place A Makeover

The most basic upgrade you can make is a cosmetic one. Changing how your restaurant looks is an effective way to draw in new customers. For one, you can completely change the tables and chairs so that people can feel a lot better. Choose a thematic set that looks great and is also very comfortable. There are other elements of your restaurant’s look that might need some changing. For example, you might decide to change the color of your restaurant walls. Red, orange, and yellow have been proven to increase people’s appetite when they are present.

You might also consider adding a theme to your restaurant. Some places lean hand on their theme as a way to set themselves apart from the competition. Consider what sort of theme you can use without any trouble.

Changing The Menu

The heart of any restaurant is what sort of food they serve. When you started, you likely had an idea of what food to serve. This served you well in the beginning, and you probably have bestsellers by now. But if you also need to keep things fresh. Consider experimenting and coming up with new dishes and changing the menu a bit. Keep the high-performing dishes and the favorites so that you can be sure of sales. While doing this, you should consider changing the prices to reflect food costs. Also, you should add seasonal items and new dishes you think will sell. Having more to offer is always good for your business.

Expand Your Dining Space

If your restaurant’s dining space is always full and you are turning customers away, then you are losing money. This makes it important that you expand your space. There are several options available for getting bigger. You can buy the neighboring store space to expand, but you can also get creative. For example, you can build a deck for your restaurant, expanding your space. You’ll need to use a waterproof deck coating system so that it can better survive the elements, but it can be worth it to give your restaurant an outside dining area.

Going Online

In the past, restaurants did well by simply serving good food and depending on word-of-mouth. The modern world requires something more from restaurants. If your restaurant doesn’t have an online presence, then you need to create one. A website that showcases your menu can be a great idea to increase the profile of your website further. Potential customers would be able to see what dishes you are offering and at what prices. Think of it as an online menu to draw in customers. Incorporate a messaging feature so that customers can order from you online and even reserve a table.

Issue Server Uniforms

When you started, your employees likely wore what they had on hand. They probably had a hat or an ID to indicate that they were members of the staff. That’s fine when you started out, but as you get more people into your restaurant, it’s better to have actual uniforms for your people. Neat and clean uniforms ensure that customers feel great about eating at your place because they think they can trust your people. It is also pretty affordable as an upgrade. Providing uniforms for your entire staff should only a couple of thousand dollars.

restaurant empty tables

Better POS

Another thing to upgrade is your point-of-sale technology. Many stores start with a pad of paper and record everything on a notebook. That is not the sort of operation you want to run. Even cash registers are a bit outdated nowadays. You want a point-of-sale system that is fast, easy, and can accept both cash and digital payments. With a modern POS system, your sales are recorded easily, and you can check out the records with a click of a mouse. This reduces all the manual calculating you have to do and lets you process payments fast.

Restaurant upgrades are a big investment. But they can be worth it as they draw in more customers into your place. But you can’t do all the changes above. It would be best if you were selective about which ones you will implement. Study which of them best fits your needs so that you can choose right.

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