What Are the Elements of a Smart Home?

A majority of today's homes are already integrating smart technology. Statistics show that 33.2% of houses built in the U.S. so far this year are smart homes. By 2023, 54% of homes will be technology, internet, and artificial intelligence-driven. But what makes a smart home? 

For houses to be classified as truly smart homes, they need to cover five basic elements. They have to be energy saving, secure, convenient, and entertaining, as well as provide the owners with a comfortable living atmosphere. It may sound daunting, but integrating these elements is actually simpler than you think. Here are a few good suggestions.

Lights and Energy

Smart lights lower your power consumption and electricity bills. LED lights are brighter, last longer, and eat up less energy. Lights inside a smart home can be controlled by an app installed on your mobile device. They can also be dimmed and adjusted accordingly. 

Some homes also install solar panels to reduce their dependence on electricity. This is a good thing to explore since the government is offering tax credits to homeowners using solar energy. It is a good investment.

Security Cameras

Security camera outside home

The purpose of a security camera is to monitor your property and keep an eye on the people who go in and out. The night vision features are present in high-quality security cameras, and they can be connected to other smart devices, as well.

Most security cameras are hooked to a CCTV camera, so every activity is monitored and recorded. In case something happens, an alarm is tripped and homeowners or the police are alerted of the unusual activity.

Garage Doors

When it comes to convenience, there are plenty of things that can be added to a modern smart home. A smart garage door in Utah is operated by remote control, or you can open and close the garage with an app on your phone.

As an added feature, some gates are equipped with smart locks, which alert the owner when someone tries to sneak in or force the gate open.

Video Doorbells

Smart energy controller

Video doorbells save homeowners the hassle of looking to see who is at the door. This smart system sends information to your smartphone or tablet every time someone rings the doorbell. The device also serves as an intercom, which is useful for those who cannot open the door immediately. 

Entertainment Hubs

Smart technology converts simple family rooms into a home theatre experience. Besides access to Netflix, HBO, and other streaming services, families can also enjoy watching their favorite shows on surround sound stereo systems and TV sets with 4K resolution. 

If you want an even more immersive experience, you can have Alexa or Siri take over the controls of your computer and search the internet for you. They can even order pizza or takeout for you.

You can add more elements to your smart home, such as smart appliances and other automated systems. It is a wonderful and modern way to live since you can control a lot of things with a mere swipe or press of a button.

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