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What Kind of Fence Is Best for Your Property Type?

A fence has many purposes in any property. Sometimes it is there to ensure the safety of your property and prevent people from trespassing. Other times, it is there purely for an aesthetic purpose. The kind of fence you choose depends on a number of factors. First, you have to consider the purpose of the fence. If it is security, you will need a different type of fence from a decorative one. Next, you have to consider the price of the material, as well as the quality. Here, we talk about what type of fence you would need based on what your property is.

Wooden fences

These are the go-to option for luxurious, private suburban houses. They can be high or low, depending on how much privacy you prefer. They can also be painted white to provide the white picket fence look of suburban houses. They are strong and durable, and they do not distract from the homeliness of your property. But they do require upkeep that can be quite expensive. They are also expensive, especially if you choose pine. They can easily catch termites or other pests, which will require an expensive extermination treatment.

PVC or vinyl fences

These are probably the most popular option in houses and businesses across the country. They look just like wooden fences, and they have the same visual benefits of wood. It is much cheaper to install this type of fence than wooden ones which require lots of timber. PVC or vinyl fences also last a long time, and they are resistant to the elements. They do not rot or lose color due to a protective layer that is non-porous. They are also good for all kinds of weather, including extreme heat and cold.

Aluminium fences

Aluminium fence

An aluminium fence is cheap to install, and it is commonly used in both residential and commercial establishments. A lot of semi-public or public properties also use aluminium fences. They are long-lasting, durable, and lightweight. They can be painted and decorated according to your preferences, and they do not require high levels of maintenance. They can also be coated to be rust- and moisture-resistant, which makes them ideal for all kinds of purposes. On the downside, they do not provide a lot of security as they can be bent quite easily. Unlike wood and vinyl fences, they don’t provide a lot of privacy. They are mainly there for decorative purposes or to ward off loiterers.

Chain-link fences

These are often preferred by commercial properties. These fences are commonly found in schools, hospitals, dumping grounds, behind restaurants, and a variety of places where keeping trespassers away is the most important concern. They are sturdy and low-maintenance. If you decide to include a chain-link fence in your home, make sure to include climbers and creepers or decorative bushes to cover up the metal.

Fences are an important part of any home as they provide the first line of security against intruders. They can also complete the look and make a home look distinguished among the others. Think carefully before you choose a material for your fence.

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