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What You Need to Know About Vehicle Modifications

For decades now, car enthusiasts have expressed interest in more than the standard factory versions of cars. However, car manufacturers cannot accommodate them all in the standard models. On the other hand, most of the car shoppers cannot afford custom car models. The available option that is widely embraced is purchasing the standard versions and hiring the modifiers to work on them.

Modifications are meant to improve performance, add functionality, or improve aesthetics. Here are the three types of modifications you need to know about.

Aesthetic Modifications

These modifications are primarily about changing how your car looks and feels. However, some aesthetic modifications couple up as functional or performance modifications. Some aesthetic modifications include body kits. They are meant to change how your car looks or give it a sporty finish. They include spoilers, bumpers (front and rear), side skirts, and rooftop vents. Various body kits also help improve aerodynamics.

You can also have cosmetic modifications. For instance, you may decide to have tinted windows to enhance your car’s look and block UV rays from the sun. All you need is to consult the experts at the leading¬†tint shop. You can also get smoked lamps, buy stylish rims, or some other feature that you think is cool. Paintwork is also another form of aesthetic modification. You may also decide to get some upholstery if you want to change how your car’s interior looks and feels.

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Functional Modifications

You might be in love with a specific function that is not available in your car. Car modifiers work on such functionalities to suit the owner’s preferences. The most common functional modification people acquire for their cars is a music system upgrade.

Sunroof and roof rail or rack is popular functional modifications. Some cars come without them, while others have undesirable ones. Fortunately, you can always get what works for you. Besides the roof rail, you can also get modern satellite navigation and infotainment system because some cars will have old technology, and you might want to switch it up. Most of the older models do not have parking sensors and reverse cameras, but you can have them installed.

Using your phone hands-free is incredible. Therefore, you can consider installing a car phone. The phone enables you to drive comfortably and safely. You can always get a fresh installation or an upgrade, depending on your needs. If you love your cool world in your car or some warmth in the winter, it is advisable to get a better air conditioning system. These are some functional modifications you can consider.

Performance Modifications

These modifications are meant to improve a car’s power, fuel efficiency, and other performance indicators. They include altering the car’s engine, braking system, suspension, exhaust system, tires, and other car parts that enhance performance. The end-result of performance modification is better acceleration, more power, more effective steering or braking, higher stability, and improved fuel economy.

For example, you can consider installing turbochargers and superchargers meant to increase torque and improve power output. You can also do ECU remapping. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is a computerized unit that keeps the engine performance checked for safety measures. Altering it can make a car achieve unlimited potential.

Braking system upgrades are also quite popular since braking is a crucial feature of vehicle handling. You can upgrade part of it or do a complete overhaul of the entire system. Transmission upgrade is also another performance modification. You can also change a car’s gearbox and get a suspension upgrade to its stability, safety, and control.

Car modification is broad, and you can never exhaust the options. It is always advisable to consult an expert before paying for a modification. Some modifications, though appealing to you, may lead to legal issues or void your insurance cover.

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