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Who Goes There: the Pandemic Hiring Process

Have you been looking for new additions to your team?

During this global pandemic, many have lost their jobs due to the financial crisis. It has been difficult to find a new job for some. Many have been struggling to apply to new opportunities.

Due to this influx of applicants, your human resources department might have had a difficult time screening new hires, but that should not keep you from maintaining your standard for employees. Just because you need manpower does not mean you should lower your standards.

During this pandemic, how can you adjust to the changing times while maintaining your vision of having a productive and “go-getter” team of individuals?

From Candidates to Employees

You might have been used to conducting a hiring process that includes office tours and introductory lunches, but those are all out of the picture by now. You have to make several adjustments to streamline your hiring process, but it will all help you choose the right candidate for your open positions.

In screening job applicants during this difficult time, many candidates show that providing strong references is now more important than ever before. Nevertheless, if you are working with a small team of hiring managers, you need a new set of hands to help you out with the filtering of applicants. Consider partnering with an employment verification company to assist you in screening your candidates’ profiles.

Along with your adjustments to the current work setup, hiring managers can also consider moving into social media to hire potential candidates. Professional platforms such as LinkedIn and sometimes even Facebook and Instagram are good platforms that you can utilize during this time to reach out to your target audience.

Although hiring is a difficult and tedious process, the proper screening of applicants will be worth it once you get to build your dream team of hardworking individuals.

Once you get your strong team of change makers, how can you maintain this dynamic energy among your employees?

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Maintaining A Dynamic Team of Go-getters

Whether you are working remotely or going to the office now and then, these are tough times to deal with. You should note the things you can do to maintain a strong team of players that can elevate your company in the market.

Given these tough times, what can you do to keep your dynamic team happy and healthy despite the circumstances?

Contrary to what you might think, building a dynamic team of go-getters does not merely involve tough love. It also involves the recognition of vulnerability.

To increase employees’ work productivity, you should consider implementing a flexible work schedule to help them cope with the changing times. This will also allow your employees to enjoy a work-life balance.

Listen to their concerns whenever you can because sometimes, what your employees need is to see your vulnerability as a person. Try to normalize dealing and managing mental health concerns, especially during this time. Your employees should be able to consult you with their concerns whenever any issues come up to avoid friction and hurdles along the way.

Encourage your team to practice mental health care and self-care. Being vulnerable and showing sensitivity to these concerns does not mean that you are too lenient. Doing so will, in fact, make you a stronger leader because you can recognize the potential weak points of your team, and you are willing to address these concerns.

Create a healthy company culture by checking in on your team now and then. Now more than ever is an important time to be available and approachable in the eyes of your team. Working from home is not an easy setup to adjust to. This entails not easily recognizing the signs of struggling employees. Given this, you should regularly check in on your team to ensure they are in good shape and working efficiently.

During this global health crisis, many people worldwide have been left unemployed and laid off from work. It is important to recognize that if your company is still afloat, you are one of the few lucky ones who continue to survive the financial crisis brought by this pandemic.

As you seek new candidates for your team expansion, make sure to utilize all available tools to assist you in your hiring process. There are resources available to help you screen your applicants well and thoroughly. Once you get your team together, make sure not to take advantage of their diligence and regularly check up on them to ensure good health and overall well-being.

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