5 Car Makes That are Notoriously Hard to Repair

Though various mechanics and enthusiasts will definitely have their own opinion on what exactly the worst cars to work on are, these select makes are undeniably tough if you have to be the one on the repairing side. A lot of factors come into play as to why these are the ones that made the list, and while it is in no way a criticism of their overall performance on the road, it’s definitely a testament to manufacturers and their tendency (especially in recent years) to make it hard on those who have to fix up their vehicles after the fact.


There are common issues that plague Subarus and the main problem with repairing them is that their components and layout are vastly different from other builds. From the way their engine pistons oscillate to the dependence on their timing belts, it can be a real hassle to get through especially if you don’t have any experience working with their models. They also happen to be rather costly overall because parts and mechanics with the skill level for the specific make are not exactly in abundance. ;

If you find a specific place that offers Subaru timing belt installation or repair service, it’s a real keeper because of the difficulty with which it takes to simply find an accessible place with the right gear and knowledge of where every part goes. This is especially a clincher because their engines are the ones that get affected most and that is already one of the toughest parts to repair in any car in general.



Luxury cars can be quite a pain to find parts and repair shops for anyway, but the Audi can be a troublesome thing because of the specialized parts that they incorporate into the vehicles they manufacture. While the features they add into everything from their brakes to their chassis are stellar for performance, it also means that it won’t be easy to find any old replacement.

For these cars, it’s not so much the expertise that is the problem but the price and actual resources to find parts for. Because they are not quite as competitive on the market as other manufacturers in the same tier, there aren’t as many third-party parts that can be retrofitted or substituted accordingly. They may be more accessible with their premium compact models but it makes up for it in the troubles of maintenance.


Mini stands out as one of those comparatively “niche market” brands that have been able to successfully establish enough of a base in the United States and western market. Even though small car models are not as popular a choice anymore, they have taken leadership over that branding and stand as aesthetic choices without sacrificing much in performance. ;

With all that said, however, they are not doing their sales any favors with the trouble it takes to maintain their line of vehicles. Take the popular Mini Cooper, with no engine bay and little room for actual work to be done without injuring yourself or breaking something else, it’s almost like the manufacturers want to challenge any mechanic. What makes this even more problematic is that drivers often note that these models work like dominoes when a part breaks down, with things following suit fairly quickly and needing deft hands for repair.

Land Rover

The Range Rover is one of the most iconic models out there, putting SUVs on the map as luxury vehicles. The perception that these car models are fancy and a great symbol of comfort has a lot to do with the branding and popularity of the Range Rover. It looks good but it works practically. However, despite this lasting power, it is still widely regarded as a pretty unreliable model mostly because it breaks down a lot and it’s hard to service. ;

So, when it does start having problems, car owners are forced to contend with hundreds and dollars of repair for repetitive malfunctions. It’s not necessarily a hard one in the sense that it has unfindable parts or that it takes too much skill. The problem simply lies in the fact that it’s usually a frequent return customer in repair shops and not for lack of good work.


This one isn’t even relegated to just one particular model, since their entire line is quite notorious for being challenging to fix. Their parts break more easily, and when they do, it’s not an easy repair. The parts are pricey and hard to come by, and the way they are put together within the vehicle, it’s not exactly an easy puzzle that you can take out and put back in accordingly. Their engineering is more complicated and requires much more disassembly even for the simplest of replacements or repairs. This is one of those luxury brands that you should really get a warranty and maintenance program for.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or you’re interested in vehicle mechanics and repairs, this list should be a good warning list for you to check back on.

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