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Building Problems that Indicate a Plumbing Issue

If your commercial property or office is on the older side, you might notice certain problems that need maintenance or fixing. Often, many of these problems indicate bigger plumbing issues. Still, we don’t always notice them because we think there are more pressing matters to attend, like structural integrity issues and HVAC problems.

But problems in the plumbing are urgent too, and they can pose a lot of unhygienic and unsanitary risks when neglected for a long period. When left unchecked, they might even cause incredibly harmful diseases. Plumbing issues don’t always present themselves clearly unless we inspect our properties closely. Here are some tell-tale signs and some building problems that indicate that you need to call professional plumbing services.

Dripping noises

Dripping faucets are one of the most common plumbing issues that home and property owners can experience, which is why tenants often ignore dripping noises on the sink or other parts of the property. But a dripping faucet is not just a source of mild annoyance; it can also cause your water waste to push up and significantly add to your water bills. You might think you’re not wasting a lot of water, but consistent drips daily accumulate to hundreds of gallons over a year.

Worn-out internal washers often cause dripping faucets. Once that fault washer is replaced, the faucet can be brought back together and work properly again.

Sinks that are slow to drain

You might find a pattern in this article: Blockages. Blockages often cause slow-draining sinks in the pipes that restrict proper water flow. This is because the drain of your kitchen sink might be filled with gunk, like food remnants, congealed fat, and others. Your bathroom sink, on the other hand, might have blockages due to soap and knotted hair.

A plunger may be enough to clear the blockages, along with the help of vinegar and baking soda, or a chemical clog remover you can find in the supermarket. A plumber’s snake can also be helpful. Whatever you do, never ignore clogged sinks because if you do, it will worsen over time, to the point where the drain is 100 percent blocked.

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Blocked garbage disposal

Garbage disposals usually get jammed when we run them without water and dispose of certain products and substances such as potato peels or corn husks. When we allow silverware inside the can, it can cause a multitude of problems.

Hitting the reset button can solve the problem, but you might need to open it up to free the motor if it doesn’t work. But before you open it up to unclog or make any repairs, make sure to unplug it or turn off the power.

Floor and furniture damage

Damage to your floor and furniture might indicate leaky pipes since the moisture encourages cockroaches and bugs. These leaks often start at the joints of the pipes and can be temporarily fixed with fillers, compounds, and tape but will eventually need a more permanent solution. A plumber should be able to replace the pipe or the fittings that need attention. Leaky pipes are more common in winter, so keep your eye out for them when colder months are approaching.

Bad odor

If you suddenly smell a putrid smell that’s reminiscent of human waste, your sewer system backups must be experiencing some form of blockage.

Fixing this problem will largely depend on whether the blockage is in your property. If the problem is on your property, then it’s on you to fix it and hire plumbers to do the job. However, if it’s on a public road, the water company is responsible for having it addressed. You will have to employ the services of a plumbing professional.

However, it’s also advisable for you to call your water company to let them know that there’s a chance the problem is not on your property. Read up more on your state’s laws and policies regarding sewer maintenance on public properties.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, when it comes to home maintenance, prevention is also better than cure. Hire professional plumbers every quarter to have your drains cleaned to prevent more serious problems in the future. Our commercial properties are also vulnerable to wear and tear, so periodic maintenance is a good way to ensure that they are given the care they deserve.

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