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Explore These 5 Tricks to Easily Maintain Your Lawn This Pandemic

The pandemic undoubtedly made people re-think a lot of things about their lifestyle, including how they take care of their physical and mental health. Accordingly, people realized that they needed to be mindful of what they eat and how they ensure that they are taking care of their psychological issues such as anxiety and depressive episodes.

For many homeowners across the US and in many parts of the world, this involved spending time at home to work and have bonding moments with family. These included doing activities together such as starting a home garden, doing DIY home repairs, and maintaining a healthy lawn to make the home more inviting.

If you’ve run out of ideas on how you can keep your lawn in great condition without spending too much time, money, and energy, here are five simple tricks you must explore soon:

Get a smart irrigation system

If you’ve been punishing yourself by manually watering your lawn to keep it nourished and verdant, then you need to stop that tiresome habit quickly. With some spare dollars in your safe or bank account, all you need to do is to inquire about smart irrigation systems that take the hard work out of the equation.

There are plenty of excellent-quality smart irrigation products that you may choose from based on your budget and desired features. You need to ask your local company that offers irrigation installation services to be guided when choosing which smart irrigation system to buy for your lawn.

With the right irrigation, you can effectively save up to 70 percent on your monthly water consumption, particularly the portion that your lawn consumes regularly. This is because smart irrigation products are essentially fool-proof items that can operate on their own without human intervention.

They may cost significantly more than traditional irrigation products, but the convenience and outstanding features and benefits they provide make them wise investments on the part of homeowners.

Consider scaling down the lawn with outdoor living features

If you don’t mind having a smaller lawn area in exchange for some features that would make your outdoors much like an extension of your living room or kitchen, then scale down the lawn and invest in some outdoor living amenities.

Among the ideal features include an outdoor kitchen, patio, deck, and outdoor fire pit or fireplace. These outdoor living amenities will make your lawn area more versatile and livable, while significantly making it less of a maintenance worry since you’ll be limiting the space where the grass is grown and taken care of.

Install mulch beds in strategic spots


Many homeowners do not realize that mulches are not just used for decorative purposes, but also for lawn fertilization and weed prevention. As such, be sure to consider placing mulch beds close to plants and grass areas to help fertilize them and keep weed growth at bay.

The fact that you’re essentially preventing weed from growing among your grass and wreaking havoc there means that you’ve taken one task off of your maintenance to-do list. Moreover, mulches are pretty cost-effective, low-maintenance, aromatic, and decorative.

In short, it’s like getting the benefits from several distinct items, but paying only for the price of one. It’s hard to match or beat such an awesome value proposition.

Think of perennials

If you don’t like the idea of planting a new variety of garden plants each year, then perennials are just what you need.

These hardy, decorative, and low-maintenance plants can be planted once and produce colorful blooms year after year. This makes them the plants of choice for homeowners and landscapers who are aiming for something that would require zero or little upkeep.

There are a lot of perennial plants you may choose from, so it’s best to consult with a local horticulturist or landscaper as to what species would best suit your lawn and budget.

Pick grass species native to your region

The first step to making a lawn low maintenance is to pick carefully the grass varieties that you’ll plant in your lawn. You have to ensure that you’re picking only grass species that are known to thrive in the region’s climate.

For example, if you live somewhere in the Southeast US, then you should pick Bermuda grass, which is proven to thrive well in the region’s unique climate. Meanwhile, homeowners in the Northeast should opt for ryegrass and fescue for their lawns.

With the right species of grass planted in your lawn, you’re already making your life easier since they will surely remain healthy with very minimal irrigation and fertilization.

Be sure to follow all these simple tricks and you’ll surely make maintenance tasks easier all year long.

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