Buyers of Residential Properties are Looking for These Features

It is easy to understand why Queensland attracts many expats. However, anyone looking to head there — in Townsville, in particular — should perform due diligence. Going back to your original home after some issues with your adopted location will be a challenge. It is important to familiarise yourself with the complexities of buying new properties in Townsville. Something to smile about for prospective homebuyers: the property market here has started to recover. The market is still fast-moving, hence the need to be cautious when buying.

First, your location matters

Choosing a place to live in is a matter of the head and heart. If you want to see the Blue Mountains, then New South Wales (NSW) is ideal. Victoria (VIC) is renowned for a scintillating coastline that extends all the way to South Australia (SA). Of course, Queensland (QLD) offers some of the most amazing reefs and beaches in the world. If you are coming to this state, you will also have the chance to enjoy the Billabong Sanctuary, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Museum of Tropical Queensland. The humble Townsville has a lot to offer, even for those planning to stay there for the long haul. If you have decided to buy a residential property in this city, some features will excite you, based on buyer behaviour.

Outdoor Space

There is no doubt that a lot of homeowners in Australia value outdoor areas. Most properties in Townsville tend to have a front and backyard. People use these spaces not only to enjoy their barbie, but also to relax with the kids and have some quiet alone time. It does not matter if the space is sizeable or just a simple balcony that accommodates a few people; property buyers love that outdoor feeling. Since these spaces come in different designs, it is important to search slowly and you will finally get a home that suits you.

Proximity to Amenities

Very few people, if any, would like to live a solitary life in a ghost town. Proximity to important amenities such as shops, the gym, and public transport is important. Are these facilities within a walking distance, or do you need to drive several minutes to get there? It is normal for homebuyers to prefer the shortest distance. If you buy a property kilometres away, your life can be difficult.

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Heating and Air Conditioning

When these features were considered luxurious, builders would confidently omit the features and still get clients. Nowadays, climate control is an unwritten requirement for any property meant for sale in Townsville. Even for older houses, buyers expect nothing short of a functional heating and air conditioning system. Since there is always a chance of reselling later, make sure your new property has this feature, even if you feel you do not need it. Otherwise, you might still need to install it when you are reselling.

Growth Potential

Most people coming to settle in Townsville are likely to stay for a long time. It is a nice city and reselling a home is a tedious process anyway. A property that gives room for growth and improvement is attractive. Personal needs in regards to home design change all the time. Property owners would want to have the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments.

Have you done all the legwork and ticked against all the factors highlighted? If you have found a nice house that is within your budget, it is time to exchange the contract with the seller. Secure your mortgage and deposit, pay the necessary fees, and you are ready to move in.

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