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Caring for Your Pickup Truck: Which Bed Liner Should You Choose?

If you have a pickup truck, you know how much punishment the back of your vehicle endures. You dump all that you can on the bed of your truck, and when you are driving across uneven terrain, these things inevitably scratch the surface, ruining the paint in the process.

Fortunately, you can fix that easily by using bed liners from Provo, Utah. But which one do you use? Each type of bed liner has its own pros and cons.


A drop-in bed liner, which is often plastic, is form-fitted for the bed of a truck. When you install it, it will fit snugly and cover the corners of your vehicle’s back. To keep this material from falling off, you have to bolt it down.

This type of liner is one of cheapest kinds, but it has its drawbacks, as well. Since it is only bolted onto the bed of your pickup truck, it has a tendency to loosen. When it loosens, it will leave some areas of the back of your truck exposed. This could lead to rust or damage from the stuff you put on your vehicle.
Carpet or wood

Other popular materials for bed liners are carpet and wood. Just like the drop-in liner, you place the carpet on the bed of your truck and hold it down by bolting it in.

With the wood, you will have to get plywood and adjust its shape so that it will conform to the shape of the bed of your truck. It is a little more tedious to use wood, but some people prefer to use this material.

The drawback to using carpet or wood is that these materials tend to grow mold when they get wet. They also get damaged easily when exposed to water, sunlight, or snow frequently. So, if you are going to use these, make it temporary and do not let it stay on the bed of your truck too long.

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Another alternative is rubber. Compared to wood and carpet, this one can last longer. Rubber bed liners are a good option because they do not grow mold and are tougher against the elements of nature.

Also, when you install rubber mats on the back of your truck, every inch of it will not totally cling to the surface. There will be enough space underneath it to let extra water to slip through, preventing corrosion and mold from developing.

The only problem with rubber is that it is quite heavy. Also, rubber mats do not conform to the surface of the back of your truck. There will be patches here and there. You may have to push down on some of those mounds to avoid tripping over them.


According to experts, spray-on bed liners are the best material for any pickup truck. When you spray this on the back of your truck, it will definitely take up the shape of the bed, leaving no areas that can protrude.

Also, it will not leave any room underneath for moisture to seep in, so there is no chance that the metal underneath it will rust. It is also scratch-resistant, and has enough traction that anything you place in there will not slide off.

So, start canvassing for bed liners online, install one on your truck ASAP, and you will never have to worry about scratches on the back of your pickup truck anymore.

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