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From Hundreds to Thousands: How to Get More Instagram Followers

Marketing through social media has become mandatory. Ask any firm that provides digital marketing services in Phoenix or anywhere else in the country, and they will say the same.

You should learn how to use social media as your promotional tool. That also means you should know how to attract more followers to your social media accounts.

Instagram has just become the most popular social media platform, and so you need to use this site to promote your products. But if you’re new to Instagram, how will you gain more followers?

Complete your profile

Nothing throws off followers more than a shady or almost empty account. When followers check out your Instagram account, you should have a detailed bio they can read, photos that showcase your company and products, and story highlights that are interesting. If you don’t have these, you’ll turn off followers in an instant.

Give them an initiative

If you want people to follow you on Instagram, you should offer them an initiative to do so. One way is to offer discounts. What you can do is email your existing customers, informing them of your discount.

However, chances are, not every customer you email will get to read the message right away. So, say in your email that the first 50 customers to follow you will get a 50% discount. Then, the next 100 customers will get a 25% discount. Surely, they’ll be scrambling to follow you right away.

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It’s important to mingle with other Instagram users because that’s where you’ll get more followers. Find other Instagram users with content that’s similar to your business or products. Follow them and mingle with them by liking their posts, commenting, and even introducing yourself.

When you do that, those Instagram users will get to know you and possibly follow you. And when that happens, their followers might follow you as well. In no time, you’ll have hundreds to thousands of followers on your account.

Post consistently

You should also post consistently. According to experts, you should post at least two to three times a week. You should also post nine to 12 images on your page.

It may be tempting to post more than that, but social media marketers advise against this. Their reason is that if you post too many and too frequently, your followers won’t be able to check out all of your content. So, post consistently but sparingly. Also, make sure that your posts are relevant to your products.

Use creative hashtags

In Instagram, hashtags are the key to promoting your posts. If you really want people to pick up on your hashtags, you have to be imaginative. Try thinking like a person working in advertising agency. Nike has the “Just Do It” tagline and for a time, Coke had the “Open Happiness.”

So, think like an advertising agency person and come up with a tagline that you think will be memorable. When you’ve come up with a catchy tagline, use that as your hashtag.

Instagram is a great venue for marketing your products, being the most frequently used social media site right now. As long as you follow the suggestions above, you can attract thousands of followers to your Instagram account.

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