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Extreme Security Measures to Give Your Car

Cars can cost a serious amount of money, so many people view them as an investment. They can take you to places with the convenience of letting you decide when you want to go, which is a huge step up from commuting. You still have to take note of the additional expenses that you will incur in owning a vehicle, like gas and maintenance work.

Given these facts, it is just right for you to take measures in protecting it from would-be thieves. Some are okay with the usual alarm system to attract attention and ward off criminals. Others add extra measures that are simple enough for anyone to install, like a steering wheel lock. But others want to go beyond the norm and take their car’s security to an extreme level. Those who have malicious intentions in their minds should be warned.

Make Your Vehicle a Fortress

You should already have things implemented at home that will prevent or discourage those who intend to break into your premises. The first thing that comes to mind is how you are securing your house’s entryways. You do this by installing locks that are difficult or would take a long time to unlock. If you have an alarm system, you can set this as a trigger for that. When sensors determine that there is an attempt to destroy the locks or push the door forcefully, it will start to sound the alarm and contact the police department.

You should treat your vehicle as an extension of your home. This means that you have to secure it with the same passion that you have for your abode and make it as strong as a fortress. One essential thing you can ask to install without fuss is a dark window film in each pane. These will make it difficult for onlookers to make out what is inside your car. Thieves will only break into a vehicle when they see stuff they can take from there, like gadgets. The films will obscure their vision and will force them to look closer. By then, they have made themselves look suspicious. Hopefully, that will get the attention of the neighbors and other people and report the suspicious person.

But if you want to take it up a notch, look no further than bulletproofing.


The more dangerous criminals could be carrying firearms with them. Your car’s windows and doors will not guarantee you protection from the bullets shot by a gun. What you can do then is to give your vehicle a tough and impenetrable armor.

Making your car bulletproof will truly make you feel safe inside it. This is done by adding thick steel plates on all its body panels and replacing your stock windows with about five inches thick. All of that should be enough to stop a bullet and shield you from grenade explosions.

Bulletproofing can add a lot of weight to your vehicle, which is not surprising given the number of modifications done to your car and how heavy the steel plates and how thick the windows are. These are all minor sacrifices and would not equal the peace of mind that they can give you.


Previous victims of car thefts could only wish for their vehicles to have eyes as they seem to witness such crimes. Now you can have these “eyes” installed. Camera technology has become so affordable in recent years, and it now makes sense to have a few of them installed in your car so you can capture footage of criminals doing their deed. If you are worried about battery consumption, your hardware should also have a motion-sensing technology that can either alert you when movements are detected deep into the night or make that a trigger for it to start recording the footage.

You might think about thieves getting away with the whole car, and that is a valid concern. The camera system can be set up to connect to the internet. It will then upload a feed of your video that you can then access later. Hopefully, that captured clear images of the culprits. So even without your vehicle, you can still have the damning evidence in your hands.

Remote Control


These days, GPS systems are found in many devices. Your car’s entertainment system will most probably have it already. If not, you can always add that on whenever you want to. That will be useful as a tracking system for your vehicle if it gets taken away by thieves.

You can also go one step further by linking that GPS to a program that can override the controls of your car. This might seem like the stuff spy movies are made of, but there are already road cars that have this function. This will allow you to access your vehicle remotely. So if the thief thinks that they have gotten away with the perfect crime, you can come and spoil their party by slowing down and stopping them in their tracks.

It is just natural to feel passionate about your belongings. Cars, for that matter, cost you a significant amount of money. It is just right to protect your investment by implementing some extreme security measures. The would-be thieves have finally met their match.

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