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Corporate Wellness: Facilities to Add for Your Employees’ Mental Health

Your office space affects the mental and physical health of your employees. If you’re the company owner, you probably notice your workplace’s effect on your well-being too. Maybe your mood gets dark when the space is cluttered, and you feel more cheerful when everything is organized. Even the overhead lights may affect your mood as well. If you find yourself wishing you have more natural light, then you really need that natural light. It will level up your productivity, not to mention the beauty of the space.

A good office design shows function beyond making work easier. It also supports the well-being of all its occupants. The break room or pantry isn’t the only place where people can relax. It offers more facilities for productivity and contentment levels to increase.

Ever heard of an office with a gym? What about an office with a music room? Cool workplaces might not automatically result in higher employee satisfaction, but you will surely nail people management if you combine it with a strong wellness program. Below are some great ideas on what you can build in your workplace for a better wellness program:

1. Gym

Five offices worldwide are known for having a gym: Google India, Intel Technology, Infosys Pune, Unilever, and Nike. Having a gym in the office helps employees remember their health and fitness. Considering most desk jobs require people to sit all day, employees can easily overlook their fitness. Even if they’d love to exercise at home, they don’t have the time and energy, except on weekends. And working out only two days a week isn’t enough to meet your goals.

Encouraging fitness in the workplace rather than at home can reduce absenteeism in your company. A fit and healthy organization are less vulnerable to common illnesses, allowing them to spend the time needed for work. Exercising also makes people more energetic, so you can expect higher productivity and job satisfaction from your employees.

What’s more, a gym can help reduce stress; it’ll give your employees a proper facility to shed off their work-related burden. The workout equipment can steer them clear of unhealthy de-stressing habits, like smoking.

And while buying and maintaining fitness equipment isn’t cheap, it can save you healthcare costs. As said above, a fit and healthy organization is less likely to get sick. Therefore, your company can minimize the costs it spends on employee health coverage.

2. Sports Facility

An office building with a basketball court may be uncommon, but it should be considered by more companies. Including any sports facility in your workplace can strengthen your company’s fitness benefits. Given that 87% of workers seek healthier workspace benefits from their employers, going all out with a sports facility can help you attract more talent and retain them.

If your employees share a mutual love for basketball, for instance, find a reputable basketball court contractor in your city, and make your employees’ fantasies come true. If you don’t have space for a full court, a half-court will do. But a full court will offer more benefits. You may use it for a variety of purposes other than playing basketball. You can convert it into a volleyball, tennis, or badminton court. The place can also serve as a venue for other corporate events, like parties and seminars.

Plus, sports bring people together. Your employees may argue on who’s the best basketball team in the country, but at the end of the day, both parties enjoy the same sport. If you host a company sports fest and arrange the teams randomly, your whole organization will forget about their favorites’ rivalries and become one united team for a time. That can build a stronger connection and friendship among all of them.

3. Cultural Spaces

If you have a small office and thus no space for a wellness facility, you can make your entire office a relaxing space. Take inspiration from Trend Micro’s Cairo office. Instead of designing a cookie-cutter workspace, they incorporated their culture into the aesthetic.

All three floors pay homage to ancient Egypt, from the lighting to the furniture. The dark marble walls are carved with glyphs, and every corner showcases an artifact. Indoor plants are also placed all over the space for a touch of nature. The office is truly an inspiring and fascinating place, and you’d mistake it for a museum.

Beautiful spaces can support psychological well-being, reducing stress among your employees. Also, the more well-designed and decorated a space is, the more encouraged people will be to maintain it. Hence, giving your workplace a beautiful design can discourage clutter. And without clutter, employees are more focused and productive.

Never underestimate the power of design and wellness. The office is an employee’s second home, so it also needs a homey and relaxing environment.

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