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Promoting Good Mental Health in the Workplace

For companies whose employees are already working on-site, they should follow the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on workplace safety. Despite staying true to these guidelines, some employees may still feel anxious about the whole situation due to the pandemic.

With this, the company should find ways to create a workplace environment where the employees feel safe and protected. The company needs to do this to promote good mental health, which has a positive effect on the productivity of the employees.

Here are some things the company can do to let the employees feel safe while working in the office during the pandemic.

Implement Proper Health and Safety Measures

Even with the continuing rollout of the vaccines, the threat of the coronavirus still exists with the emergence of different variants of the virus. Due to his, companies should strictly follow the guidelines on workplace safety set by the CDC. While the company may include additional safety measures, it should complement what the government has issued.

Additionally, the company should also develop guidelines to prevent workplace bullying and harassment since these can cause stress and anxiety among the employees. It should establish a process for the investigation of complaints and mete out consequences for any violation.

Design a Positive Work Environment

A positive work environment reduces work-related stress among all employees. This type of environment also promotes good mental health. To create this type of environment, the company should give credit to whom credit is due. It should also recognize good performance and reward it. Career development programs and professional training for the employees is also a good idea.

Upper management should also welcome the contributions of the employees in terms of feedback and ideas. While the decision-making process is ultimately left to upper management, they can consider these contributions before finalizing their decision.

The workplace itself should also be comfortable for the employees. It can use natural lighting and add plants to the office. They can even install artificial grass in the open areas of the office to give it a fresh look. The added greenery will have a positive effect on the mood of the employees and enhance productivity.

Train Managers on Mental Health

The training program of the management team should include mental health training. This will give managers the knowledge, resources, and tools to promote good mental health among the employees. It allows the managers to spot and handle potential mental health issues that may emerge among the employees.

The training also allows the managers to create an open and honest work environment for the employees. They will also understand to identify and prevent potential emotional triggers within the workplace. The managers will also focus on the positive side of things and make the employees feel appreciated and understood, resulting in better productivity.

Encourage Mental Days Off

With the current situation, some employees may feel stressed out that they cannot perform well in their jobs. The company may consider allowing employees to go on a mental health day off so they can resolve any personal issues that are affecting their emotional and mental well-being. This preventative health measure can prevent major breakdowns in the future.

The company can also sponsor benefit programs that help employees resolve any issues they are facing. This is particularly true when these issues affect the performance of the employee and their physical health. These programs allow the employees to deal with issues affecting mental health. These issues can include anxiety, emotional distress, depression, and work-related stress.

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Reduce the Stigma on Mental Health Issues

People in the company should be encouraged to speak candidly on mental health. Normalizing these types of conversations in the workplace can reduce the stigma that is normally associated with topics dealing with mental health. Companies with managers who speak openly about their struggles with mental health and their experiences can create work environments with empowered employees.

Empowered employees feel safe when they also share their experiences. This type of culture in the workplace should be nurtured. It does not happen overnight. Everyone dealing with these issues should be encouraged to share their experiences. If the employees do not share their experiences, the stigma may continue.

Make Tools and Resources Relevant

When the company provides information about mental health, it should make sure it is updated and relevant. Sharing outdated and irrelevant information may backfire and cause more harm than good. Due to this, the company should regularly check the relevance of the information about mental health it provides to its employees.

Taking care of employees’ mental well-being is essential to ensure promote good health and productivity in the workplace.

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