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Finding Jobs that Pay on Results, Not Time

The time of nine-to-five jobs is coming to an end. You might want to explore alternative options, or you might require another job option to supplement your income. Whatever the case, know that you have options and they don’t have to take up the remainder of your waking hours.

If you look for jobs that pay on results, doing them well will give you good returns without you feeling like you have no room for anything else. Here are some jobs you can consider:

Home Design

Mortgage payments can be a strain on your finances. A mortgage company in Salt Lake City will recommend looking at properties that will not require more than 50% of your monthly salary for each payment. When it comes to changes you want to do on the property, however, you’ll want to have some money saved up. It will be handy if you can work as an interior designer on top of your day job. This is something you can work on part-time, but each home you complete the design of will be paid in full. The best part of this job is because you’re building connections with suppliers, you can also get discounts on your furniture and fixture purchases from them.

Web Design

There are flexible payment terms when it comes to being a web designer. Some clients do pay hourly, but freelance designers can also give their upfront fees per project to make things easier. It benefits both the client and the designer; you get to work on the website on your own pace, and if you know all the elements your client wants, you’ll be done with the design in no time. This means the client gets a faster turnaround without it translating to poor quality. The sooner you complete a project satisfactorily, the sooner you can move on to another one, which increases your earnings. Soon, this can even be your primary source of income and that spare room in your newly purchased home can be converted to a home office.

Graphic Design

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If you don’t want to focus on web design, but you are skilled in graphics, you can work with a team of designers to get this job. This requires that you do a little bit of networking to put yourself out there, but after you’ve done that, the projects will just be coming your way. It’s an excellent way to make opportunities for yourself without letting your limited free time get in the way. Advertise your skills online and show people the kind of graphics you do–for free. Your social media accounts can be your portfolio, making them accessible to potential clients. This can be a lucrative opportunity if you keep updating your collection and stay updated on the latest design trends.

Don’t let the limited number of hours in a day to limit your sources of income. If you look for project-based jobs that pay on results, there is no ceiling to how much you can earn.

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