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Signs that You Need to Service Your Air Compressor

Maintaining an air compressor involves a lot more than changing the oil, draining out the water, and cleaning the filter. This makes it essential to have a professional service the unit regularly. Conclusive and timely service and repair help prevent serious and costly repairs down the line. If you have not serviced your device for some time, the chances are that it is not operating at optimal efficiency. Here are a few of the warning signs that your air compressor needs to be repaired:

The Compressor Fails to Turn On

This is the most obvious sign that something is wrong. If you have a lot to do, it can be frustrating finding out that the machine won’t turn on. Instead of taking desperate measures such as trying to repair the device yourself, it is crucial to call in an expert. The right expert will be able to get the machine back up in no time, which will save time. Attempting to repair it yourself can mean further damage. You might also suffer an electrical shock.

Air Leaks

Air leaks are not always visible. Since they can affect efficiency significantly, you should address them immediately. Air compressors use a lot of energy, meaning that even the slightest air leak can affect productivity if they go unnoticed. Relying on your ears to spot holes might be a bad idea. This makes it essential to use ultrasonic leak detectors. If you notice any, you should fix them using the appropriate sealants. Sealants offer better seals because they get into the spaces.

Excess Noise

Understand that noise is not limited to air leaks. You have to listen for any unusual sound, whether it is constant or not. In case the machines become suddenly louder, chances are that the motor or compressor have issues. Screeching, ratting, or humming noise usually shows that there might be a broken component that requires replacing. Understand that the longer you use a faulty machine, the more damage it is likely to suffer. It is better to stop operations for a couple of hours to address the issue.

Issues with Thermal Overload

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Your compressor can experience a thermal overload that causes it to shut down. This is not unusual, especially where there is improper ventilation around the machine. If it happens regularly, however, you have reason to worry. If cleaning the coolers and resetting the thermal overload does not address the problem, you should contact a technician. You should also do the same if the machine overheats regularly. Do not confuse thermal overload with tripped and blown fuses that usually result from a faulty electrical system.

Increased Moisture

Liquid condensation is indeed a natural byproduct of this process. However, the presence of water in your plant’s compressed air supply should worry you. This is because liquid water affects reliability, quality, and productivity negatively. To solve this problem, check the receiver drains. Adding a filter or dryer to the system also works. If your compressor uses a manual drain, you should clean it daily.

Keeping an eye on your air compressor can help you avoid the inconveniences and expenses that come with breakdowns. Routine maintenance also ensures that the machine operates at optimal efficiency.

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