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How Can You Augment Your Income as a Freelancer?

Freelancing has so much appeal for the young generation. You get to control the most important resource you have in a lifetime. You could engage in whatsoever interest, arranging your schedule around things you want to do.

Freelance writers and graphic designers are often associated with travels around the world, working while enjoying a glass of wine by the pool. Freelance real estate agents have the image of driving around in a luxurious car while showing to clients different houses and development projects.

But in truth, unless you have already established yourself among the top in that field, freelancers have lean days. With no one obligated to pay you regularly, when the economy slumps, clients become scarce. While you could probably control your expenses and rely on savings, there are other ways to get through trying times.

Recreational side hustle

Aside from your talent in designing, writing, or whatever it is you are using for your freelance job, think of what your hobbies are and capitalize on them. Do you bake to release stress? Have you been using your happy time in cultivating plants? Maybe you like doing DIY woodcrafts. Whatever your answer is, see if what you have been making are worth selling.

If you have not yet perfected that craft enough that others will put a value on it, then invest in that hobby by getting the right training. You could even get a steady income from these, even if you still have a regular clientele.

Join a team or a pool of experts

Doing everything on your own is tough. You have to do all the networking, marketing, and convincing with possible clients. Joining with others to form a group that could bid for projects or a pool of experts on standby in some established institutions will help you further your networks and show your expertise.

It’s probably seen as baggage by many freelancers to be part of a team where members, although they wouldn’t have schedules like regular employees, would be required to accomplish tasks when the team takes on a project. It will curb your freedom slightly since you will be negotiating with clients as a team, but it’s not often. Most of your time, you will still be able to do things on your conditions.

English language teacher or coach

Some might consider online language teaching as a freelance job, but it’s not since every day you give private lessons. However, there are language schools that allow their teachers to pick their schedules. You can start with this until you have enough experience to offer individual tutorial services or simple coaching.

Online English language teachers have become lucrative in Asian countries where English is not among their official languages. China and Japan, for example, have established several outsourcing companies that hire native English language speakers to coach their children. These countries have, for a long time, strictly closed their cultures to western influences and used their languages for all their transactions. Japan, in fact, still pushes for a policy against the use of the English language. But with the track of globalization, they have now seen the advantage of learning English in doing business around the world.

Train in other skills

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Of course, you take pride in your skill in visual arts or as a musician. But it doesn’t mean you couldn’t be an expert in other skills not related to your freelance work. You could learn bartending, become a barista, or a tea sommelier.

There are several short courses you could take for a few months. You don’t even have to use these skills immediately if you don’t want to, but at least you will know that you have a backup plan when pushed to your limits.

Odd jobs

By this, it means you could use your car to join Lyft or Uber. Or sign up for delivery services. There are other ways to make money out of your vehicle. These are tasks you could easily do without having to overthink. Private cars for hire have become a norm for many people, and even professionals offer their vehicles to earn extra bucks during their free time.

Knowing some other tricks to support yourself while following your passion and doing your freelance jobs is the most practical thing. Although so many people say that you should follow your heart and do the things you love for work so that you will never feel like working, financial needs are real. When doing freelancing, don’t limit yourself to what you have been doing in the past years. Allow yourself to explore other opportunities. These opportunities may not make your heart full, but they will undoubtedly put food on your table.

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