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Improving Safety and Security in Your Workplace

Keeping your employees safe is important for your business. Many companies don’t put a high premium on personnel safety, but this should never be taken lightly. No matter what type of business you are running, these tips can make your workplace a safer environment for everyone involved in your operations.

Teach Awareness

Without constant reminders and training, your employees may become too comfortable and lax about security and safety. Train your employees to be proactive. If they see something, they should say something. This can help reduce the possibility of criminal or fraudulent activities taking place under your nose.

Everyone should also take part in making sure hazards are kept at bay. For example, if people see a potential safety hazard, such as a slippery floor, they should be proactive enough to clean it up or tell someone who’s responsible for it.

Provide Employees with the Right Equipment

This is especially important if your business operations involve plenty of physical activities. If you’re managing a warehouse, make sure the area is properly illuminated and your employees wear high-visibility safety vests. Australia has strict laws regarding the wearing of personal protective equipment. Make sure your employees are also provided with safety boots, hard hats, and other safety gear. The work area should have large and easy-to-understand labels and signs to keep people safe.

Hold Drills

Emergency drills are opportunities to practice what people should do in case something untoward happens. A drill will keep everybody aware of the exits, the exit plan, and the way they should respond if someone needs help. Think about having a professional train your people on how to use a fire extinguisher, perform CPR, and other life-saving techniques that might come in handy in case of a fire, an earthquake, or other emergencies.

Do Not Neglect Your Building

Just because a fire exit ladder exists doesn’t mean it’s always going to be safe to use. If it’s old and rusty, it’s probably a bigger threat than the emergency. Don’t wait for something to happen just to put your building to the test. Make sure everything works the way it should and that your employees know how to use it properly.

Keep Unauthorized People Out

There are areas to which only authorized personnel should have access. Be strict about following the rule. Do not let guests in unless they are appropriately equipped for it, i.e. wearing protective gear and assisted by authorized staff. Make the signs visible so that outsiders know they cannot enter a restricted area.

Hire Professional Security Personnel

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There are several reasons for hiring security personnel, including the safety of employees, customers, and guests, and the safety of the equipment and supplies within the area. Aside from the security guards at their standard posts, have roving security as well, particularly at night. Theft often happens when it’s dark, so make sure there are security guards and enough lighting in every corner of your premises.

Safety and security are everyone’s responsibility. Don’t wait for something bad to happen before you take proactive steps to strengthen the security in your workplace.

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