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Keeping up with the Household Chores

What a life it would be to only clap your hands and have a glass of water in your hand. Sadly, life doesn’t work that way and chores don’t accomplish themselves.

Every day, homeowners spend 90 minutes on chores alone. This is more hours than renters spend on housework since the latter saves time on garden care and maintenance, among other things.

90 minutes a day, when accumulated, would be a lot of time saved. This is a lot of time that could have been spent bonding with family or lounging in front of the TV.

For some chores aren’t the only things on their to-do lists. In the new normal, they might be working from home or taking online classes. Taking this adjustment can be hard, especially if everything is mixed up at work and at home.

To get things done quickly and efficiently, here are a few tips:

1. Invest in technology

A lot of appliances and other technology have been built to make life easier. Robot vacuums can be trustworthy when it comes to cleaning the floors. Irrigation systems eliminate standing under the sun. Smart technology allows you to control certain areas of the house without actually having to go there. These will bring convenience into your life and make chores a breeze.

2. Multitask

The convenience brought by technology does not only save you the energy, but it also saves you time by giving a lot of leeway for multitasking. For instance, you can let the robot vacuum conquer the living room. Then, command the smart technology to turn on the sprinklers while you’re heading out of the room. You can also load the laundry in the washer and start the dishwasher. While all of these are happening at once, you can do more rigorous tasks like cleaning the bathroom.

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3. Ask for help

If you’re not living alone, designate the tasks. Assigning chores to children is proven to make them responsible, happy, and independent adults. It’s also a great starting point for their well-being when they grow old. The chores start small such as picking up their toys when they’re toddlers until preparing the meals when they’re teenagers. In the case of roommates, it’s good to divide the chores with each other to make things work.

4. Listen to music

Music boosts productivity and helps you complete your tasks efficiently. Listening to the music that you like helps you pick up your rhythm and have fun doing what you’re doing. Research aside, won’t tedious chores be more fun when you dance around? You can have fun by synchronizing the mop to the beat of the number one pop song on the charts or sing along to your favorite slow song while chopping onions.

Doing the chores is essential to keeping a clean and pleasant environment at home. At the same time, it’s tiring and can be boring. There are simply more fun things to do than wiping the windows, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get things done quickly and enjoyably. So, don’t forget to make good use of technology, multitask, ask for help, and blast the speakers.

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