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Must-Have Features (And What You Don’t Need) in a Lawn Mower

A sensible person would want a lawnmower that is easy to start. It makes sense to buy equipment that is powerful if you’re going to get the job done correctly. These are key features of mowers that you don’t really have to think about.

Any practical and logical human being would want the same things. Now that you are considering a lawn care franchise opportunity, are the other features you have in mind necessary in a lawnmower?

Investing in a gas-powered mower

A gas-powered mower is more expensive than its electric-powered counterpart. They are more powerful, and perhaps that is the reason why you’re leaning towards that option. Before you snub the pages of the catalogue featuring mowers that run on electricity, think about this for a moment.

Gas-powered mowers are more expensive and require more maintenance. Lawn care is not necessarily easier and more efficient with a piece of powerful equipment, so consider all matters.

The eco-friendly pick

One of the reasons why electric mowers are increasing in popularity is that they are more eco-friendly than gasoline-powered ones. A gas push mower is powerful indeed, but do you need that much kick? If not, then there is nothing to regret by choosing the affordable, lightweight, and more portable choice.

A typical electric-powered mower comes with an electrical cord, which means you might need an extension cord that extends all the way to the yard. Aside from the conventional electric model that comes with a cable that you need to plug, cordless mowers are available as well.

The best feature of this type of mower is that there is no cable to fuss with. The mower has a battery that powers the machine and works as effectively as the typical electric design. However, bear in mind cordless lawnmowers come with a higher price tag especially models utilizing lithium-ion batteries.

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Features you don’t need

The objective of keeping green lawns lush and healthy but tamed and manicured can be accomplished in no time with the right equipment. You need a good mower to achieve this goal every time a client signs you up for lawn care.

While you need to examine several essential features when choosing the right machine for the job, there is one particular quality you need not bother with. A high-speed lawnmower is not necessary for a healthy and well-maintained lawn.

You don’t need a high-speed mower even for a garden or yard that’s a number of acres wide. Mowers offering extra kilometers per hour are naturally more expensive. You don’t need higher speeds to cut grass properly.

The extra horsepower would only take you faster from the garage to the yard, but that is all. We caution you against paying a few hundred dollars more for a feature that good looks on paper, but has no real practical use.

Are you on the hunt for a good lawnmower? Hundreds of brands and many different styles could give you a headache. Remember to choose a machine for features that would matter when you are on the ground and cutting grass. One machine may look great on paper, but do you really need it?

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