Packing Essentials to Ensure a Road Trip of a Lifetime

Traveling has so many benefits. It takes you outside of your comfort zone and empowers you toward self-development. Road trips, for instance, let you work on your creativity and sense of adventure. This choice of travel allows you to see places up close. These are hidden places that have not yet been sensationalized by social media: the best home-cooked adobo, the local coffee brewery, or even the pottery shop at the side of the road.

Like almost everything else, it is important to plan before going on the long drive. Problems can arise, and you should always prepare for the unexpected. This does not mean that you need to literally prepare for everything. Before you contact that affordable car rental shop in Manila, here’s a packing list with all the travel-tested essentials to avoid any common road trip mishaps:

Road Trip Essentials

Your packing list should contain necessities for both you and your car. You can fill your car with whatever you want to. But if these are not the supplies you need, a lot of things can still go wrong.

Car Essentials

Driver's License

You should not forget your driver’s license, car registration and insurance information, and car manual. You should also have your roadside assistance phone number, a spare tire, and a water-resistant flashlight. Breakdowns are one of the most common mishaps for any road trip. It pays to prepare for these.

A travel first aid kit should be as important as the entire travel packing list. Never underestimate the importance of a first aid kit. Stock the first aid kit with your personal medication as these may not easily be available on the road. Include other few basic medicine such as painkillers, motion sickness tablets, and cold medicine. As diarrhea continues to be the number one travel-related illness, a water purification device or tablets should also be in every traveler’s first aid kit.

Phone Essentials

In these era of smartphones, we all use our phones for anything and everything. A phone charger is a must. Although you’ll most likely use your car to charge, carrying a portable battery pack is still a good idea. Another road trip essential is a cell phone mount. These devices allow you to use the phone as a GPS device and navigate the road. Driving becomes smoother when your GPS is mounted in front of you. Also, these car mounts can also come in handy when shuffling through your favorite songs to play during the trip. After all, road trip music is one of the best parts of any trip.

Food and Drinks

It is best to prepare many food and drink options. You might pass across some areas where hygienic restaurants are hard to come by. Also, it is neither fun nor practical to have to stop if someone in the car needs to have a bite or drink. A cooler is one way to store perishable items that can keep food cold for at least two to three days. Some other basic food storage options and items include zippered plastic bags, Thermos, utensils, and a can opener.

Road trips are broth exciting and overwhelming. It is important not to leave out any important things back home. This includes all the necessary car documents, the first aid kit, your phone charger, and food and drinks. Diligent planning should be made to avoid ruining what could have been an adventure of a lifetime.

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