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Simple Ways to Conserve Water at Home

Americans waste gallons of water every day because of irresponsible activities. The average American family of four uses about four gallons of water each day. It’s something that we have taken for granted. Our access to clean and potable water is something that not all countries enjoy. Still, in recent years, there has been a decline in our water sources. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highlighted the need to protect water sources and reduce water pollution in seas, lakes, and local watersheds.

Conserving water also lengthens the life of your Davey pumps. Trying to save on water usage allows the pumps to rest. It also reduces the likelihood of the pipes bursting, which can lead to pollution in the pumping system. In your household, you need to start doing what’s best for the environment. It all starts at home. With you as head of the household, it is your responsibility to teach the family ways how to conserve water.

Turn off the Faucets and Showers When Not in Use

Are you one of the people who let the faucets and showers run even when they are not in use? Are you in the habit of washing your hair and letting the shower run while doing so? Faucets run at about two gallons per minute when left open. Turning off the tap while you wash the dishes or brush your teeth will save you hundreds of gallons a month. You can watch your water meter reading go down.

Every Drop Matters

You can reuse water. Collect the water you use to wash vegetables and fruits. Use it to water your plants in the garden. The same goes for the water that comes out of the shower when you’re waiting for the heater to kick in. Collect that water and use it to wash dishes or clean the bathroom.

Fix the Leaky Faucets and Showers

A small drip from a faucet can waste 20 gallons of water a day. You should make sure to fix any leaks from your faucets, toilet flush, and showers. Call a professional. He will make sure to correct a leaky faucet or shower.

Buy a New Toilet


Look under the lid of your toilet. When was it manufactured? Toilets made before 1993 use two to three times more water per flush than the new ones. Consider installing a new one, which uses only one gallon per flush. Do not use the toilet to flush down cigarette butts and tissue paper. Not only will it cause blockage, but it will also be a waste of good water.

Cover Your Swimming Pool

Leaving your swimming pool open will cause water evaporation. A pool cover can help retain a pool’s temperature. It will also cut the need for replacement water by 30% to 50%. Investing in a pool cover will reduce your need for more water to fill it up.

Water Your Plants by Hand

You can save 30% of your water consumption when you water by hand instead of using an automatic irrigation system. You have more control over the amount of water you use in your garden. It will also cut down your water bill significantly.

Conserving water should be a habit. It’s not something you should do only when the government requires it. Your actions today will benefit your children, grandchildren, and the many generations that will come after.

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